What You Should Have in Your Car’s Emergency Kit

Every car should be equipped with an emergency kit just in case disaster strikes, and there are a few essentials that everyone should keep in their car’s emergency kit. Even the most well built vehicles will eventually breakdown and you need to be prepared for virtually any circumstances. This is why we recommend that you purchase a prepackaged kit or build your own custom one. Whatever option you choose, we believe that the following items are a must.

  1. Charged Cell Phone: The difference between being standed and able to reach a tow truck is simply having a charged cell phone on your person. Moreover, in case of an accident that results in serious injury, a cell phone can allow you to contact emergency medical professionals and save a life.
  2. First-Aid Kit: Keeping a first aid kit handy is ideal for taking care of any small injuries after a wreck such as slight abbrations or bruising. However, you will want to include a wide variety of medical supplies in your kit.
  3. Class B or C Rated Fire Extinguisher: A Class B rating qualifies a fire extinguisher to handle flammable liquids and a Class C rating certifies an extingisher to put out fires involving electrical equipment.
  4. Reflective Warning Triangles: These are commonly found in most prepackaged emergency kits. However, most prepackaged kits contain only one triangle. For optimum effect, place the three triangles 50 feet apart to warn approaching traffic.
  5. Foam Tire Sealant: One of the most common issues that occurs with vehicles while driving is a flat tire. Keeping tire sealant in your kit can help you repair a flat and get you back on the road