Heavy Duty Towing Service

If you have a semi-truck or any heavier equipment that needs to be towed, moved or recovered then you need to contact Pippin Towing today for our Festus heavy duty towing service!

Nothing is too big for us to tow!

bus haulingTowing something big and heavy is no easy task and takes special equipment to perform. Things such as semi-trucks, dump trucks, tanker trucks or even heavy equipment like tractors need special tow trucks and recovery equipment in order to move them because of their weight. At Pippin Towing we have the equipment and knowledge needed to get your heavy equipment or trucks to where they need to be so call Pippin Towing today for our heavy duty towing service in Festus so that we can get vehicle back on the road!

heavy equipmentOur heavy duty tow trucks can easily be used to recover tipped semi-trucks, sunken monster trucks, or broken down dump trucks. We know that no matter what you’re driving you do not want to be stuck on the side of the road, or in a ditch somewhere, it can be simple to remedy any situation like this by just calling Pippin Towing and getting our Festus heavy duty towing service today!

Don’t stay stuck on the side of the road or in a deep ditch, call Pippin Towing today! (636) 937-0797



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