Winch and Recovery Service

Did that creek just sneak up on you? Has your car drowned? Call Pippin Towing today for the best in Festus winch and recovery service!

In a tight spot?

Pippin Heavy Duty Towing in FestusSometimes accidents happen, and sometimes bigger accidents happen as we well know. Vehicles end up in all sorts of places and predicaments and Pippin Towing is here to make those predicaments a little bit easier. If your car has slipped into a creek and become submerged or gotten stuck in a place that no truck could possible get to, then we can! We will use our winch and recovery service in Festus to attach to your vehicle and drag it out of whatever spot it has gotten stuck in and recover that vehicle for you!

volunteerOnce your vehicle has been dragged out of its little pinch, our tow trucks can tow your vehicle to where ever you need it to be in a timely, cost efficient manner. Our equipment is the best and technicians are the most professional that you will find. We are here to answer any questions or address any concerns that you might have about the process of returning your car to you via tow or our Festus winch and recovery service. Our goal is to get your vehicle back to you as soon as possible.

stream team water recoveryIf your vehicle is in a tight spot or submerged in a creek, don’t wait, contact Pippin Towing today! We’re here to get your car back to you! (636) 937-0797