Semi-Truck Towing Service

Did your semi-truck take a bad fall or break down? Call Pippin Towing today for the best in Festus semi-truck towing service to get your semi-truck back on the road again!

Getting your 18 wheels back on the road!

Pippin Towing and Wrecker Heavy Duty Towing in FestusSemi-trucks can have accidents too, and we know it’s no easy deed to get a semi-truck out a sticky situation like a ditch, or if it’s been tipped, or simply broken down. However, at Pippin Towing we have the heavy duty towing trucks that are needed to get your semi-truck out of any ditch, and to tow it anywhere that it needs to go. Don’t get stuck out in the middle of a desolate road, call Pippin Towing for our semi-truck towing service in Festus today!

undeckingSemi-trucks are 18 wheels worth of heavy, and not every truck can pull a semi out of a ditch or tow it back to it’s rightful place. Our tow trucks are made for this type of heavy lifting and towing, and our winch system can even pull an overturned semi onto our tow trucks if need be to get it out of the road or ditch and eventually back on all 18 of its wheels. It just takes one simple call to get your semi-truck out of its stuck situation and back on the road, contact Pippin Towing and we’ll come give you the best Festus semi-truck towing service around!

Don’t hesitate to get out of a bad predicament with your semi-truck, call Pippin Towing today, we’ll get you back on the road in no time! (636) 937-0797