Festus Flatbed Towing

Pippin Flatbed Towing in FestusDo you have a vehicle that you need recovered that is too damaged or too large to fit on a traditional tow truck? Here at Pippin Towing & Recovery we have special equipment designed to deal with just these kinds of situations.

Many different problems require the use of a flatbed tow truck. These usually involve vehicles that are all-wheel drive. You cannot drag these vehicles behind a tow truck because you can damage the rear wheels of the vehicle. You may also need a flatbed tow truck if your vehicle is too damaged to be moved using traditional towing.

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If you need us to moving something across long distances for you, then a flatbed tow truck is the thing to use. It is a much safer way to transport high value vehicles like sports cars and trucks. Flatbeds can also be used in a wide variety of other situations. If you need to get rid of a junk car, we can use flatbeds and winches to remove the car and take it to the nearest dump. We can also use flatbed tow trucks to move things like barns and sheds. Here at Pippin towing there are very few things we can’t move quickly, effectively and safely. We are the company you can count on when it comes to flatbed tow truck service in Festus.

Here at Pippin Towing & Recovery we have a fleet of trucks that allows us to handle just about every towing situation you can imagine. We also have over 60 years of experience helping people with their towing problems, and we have been AAA certified for over 35 years. You can count on us for effective and safe flatbed towing in Festus.