Festus Battery Charging Service

Although it is not too difficult of a task, charging your car battery takes time and resources. Why do it yourself if you don’t have to? If your car battery needs charging in Festus, call Pippin Towing & Recovery. You can come to us or we can come to you!

Dead car battery in Festus?

Pippin Jumpstart Battery Charging Service in FestusIf you live in Festus and need battery charging service, we’re the people to call. For a car battery to be charged, it must first be removed from the vehicle. The car and all of its components must be shut off before attempting to remove a battery in order to prevent arcing (electrical discharge through a gas medium). Make sure your vehicle is in park, and that the parking brake is on. The grounded terminal should always be removed first. Place some sort of protective covering over the fender to safeguard against battery acid. Remove the cables from the battery and any other components holding it in place. Be careful not to drop any bolts or screws. Once the battery is completely disconnected, remove it from its carriage and take it to Pippin’s Towing in Festus for battery charging. When you receive your freshly charged battery, install it by setting it back in its original place and replacing the cables on the terminals in the reverse order from which they were removed. If you don’t feel confident removing or reinstalling the battery yourself, just call us. We’ll be happy to assist you with that as well! You won’t have to worry about any accidents or mistakes when we are on the job.

For battery charging service in Festus, call Pippin Towing & Recovery today at (636) 937-0797!