What is heavy duty towing?

heavy duty towing

What is Considered a Heavy Duty Tow?

Heavy duty towing is the use of the largest tow trucks a towing company like Pippin Towing & Recovery has to move heavy equipment and vehicles. While some states differ when it comes to normal towing, federal law dictates that a person needs to have proper licensing before being able to commit to heavy duty towing. When driving more than a short distance, the driver will need CDL (commercial driver’s license) before getting behind the wheel. When hooking up the charge to a heavy duty tow truck, the job tends to take more than one person, being considered unsafe to do alone. The reason is that such vehicles this specific type of tow truck can carry include:

  • Garbage trucks
  • Semi trucks
  • Trailers
  • Big rigs
  • Bobtails

Being in an extreme category, these vehicles require special attention when the service of heavy duty towing is applied. While a professional must be careful when driving normal tow trucks, the level of care is far more when applied to heavy duty towing. This is because like all vehicles that carry a significant load, movements are more pronounced and it is imperative that more time is applied for stopping. So instead of getting your CDL, which requires multiple tests and a hefty amount of paperwork, why not trust the professionals at Pippin Towing & Recovery in Festus, MO. We offer several towing services, which include heavy duty towing for equipment and vehicles. Call __PHONE__ today to schedule your appointment for heavy duty towing.

What are the different types of tow trucks?

When it comes to tow trucks, there are different types designated by the different weights they can carry. As you’ve probably seen, most tow trucks are not exactly built for heavy-duty towing, but instead for cars one would generally find in an urban setting. The heavy-duty trucks are sent out for the mentioned list above, generally to remove equipment and transport it somewhere else or to recover a big rig or larger vehicle stuck on the road. Here are the different weight classes for tow trucks:

  • Light-duty tow truck
  • Medium-duty tow truck
  • Heavy-duty tow truck

Normally, most people will see the light-duty tow truck, which carries passenger vehicle trailers, and motorcycles. They have a limited carrying capacity compared to the other two and is far better at making turns as well as maneuvering. Medium duty works for farming equipment, automatic trailers, low-profile trailers, and the general like. The heavy-duty two truck has been mentioned above, but for all of their pulling strength, they have little capability in maneuverability. The light and medium duty tow trucks can be found in urban areas whereas the heavy tow trucks are not as common due to being too bulky. There are also different kinds of tow trucks in the two systems they use which are:

  • Wheel lift
  • Hook and Chain
  • Flatbed

While the wheel lift moves the towed vehicle by the front or back tires, used for smaller vehicles. Flatbeds, which can have hook and chains, move vehicles by securing it to a large surface on the back of a truck. These three come with harnesses and systems that keep the towed vehicles secured during transport.

What is the Difference Between a Wrecker and a tow Bruck?

Other than professionally, a wrecker and a tow truck driver are technically two different occupations. While a person can be both, a tow truck driver typically does not commit to repairs and the wrecker does. Both tow vehicles, but the wrecker is the only one that is known to fix the vehicle outright on the spot or bring it somewhere to fix. Both professions use tow trucks and are required to have licensing to do their jobs. Tow truck drivers specifically move vehicles that are illegally parked, either by request of law enforcement or property owners whereas a wrecker is not known to do that.

For clarification, the United States Department of Transportation requires a CDL when someone is driving a vehicle that is carrying weight amounting to over 26,000 pounds or 11793 kilograms.

heavy duty towing

Why is towing so expensive?

Towing prices tend to be built up through three factors:

  • Labor
  • Fuel
  • Insurance costs

While some companies may allow you to negotiate the cost, it is common for there to be a set price with most. The labor that is included with towing tends to be built through training and experience plus licensing. A normal person is not necessarily able to commit to tow even with the equipment for safety and legal reasons. Depending on the time of year, a tow will be more or less expensive depending on how high the gas price is. Tow companies are required to have more liability insurance due to the line of work. However, when it comes to being moved for parking illegally, the cost of the tow does factor into the ticket. However, in the case of heavy-duty towing, it is common for the need to be because of a vehicle is stranded and cannot be moved by any traditional means. When you need towing services by Pippin Towing & Recovery in Festus, MO call __PHONE__ to schedule your appointment today.

How can I start my car with a dead battery?

battery getting a jump

Getting your car running

For a car engine to start, it needs a battery that powers the electrical components. Sometimes, there is a variety of reasons why a battery won’t work. It can be anything from the battery is drained because you left the lights on to the battery is old and needs replacing. Many times, when it won’t work, you can jump start car to give the battery the power it needs.

To jump start for cars, you can do it a couple of different ways, either jump start or a new battery installed:

  1. Using jumper cables, connect the dead battery to a good battery and jump start car with the good battery then let it run for a short time to charge the dead battery.
  2. You can jump start with a battery charger after letting the battery sit on the charger for a short time.
  3. Use a charged jump start box that will give the battery enough charge to jump start a car. 

How long does it take to jump start a car?

If there is nothing severely wrong with the car battery, you can jump start car run after starting it with either a battery charger, jump start box, or jump start with cables from a running car. After 15 minutes of running connected to any of those options, it should start on its own.

Can you ruin your car by giving someone a jump start?

Absolutely, yes you can! There is jump start car damage, and it is a real thing. However, it isn’t a cut and dry situation. The likelihood of jump start car causing damage to the good car and battery is more complicated.

First, the age of the two cars is a factor. Newer cars are computerized and doing a jump start car incorrectly can fry the computer out, especially if the dead battery is dead. On an older car, a jump start car process can blow the fuses of the good battery car.

Is it OK to jump start modern cars?

A standard in every car, or should be, has always been a set of jumper cables. Whether your car needed a jump start or a car near you did, having jumper cables could save the day. From the year 2000, cars now come with not just one computer, but several computers and digital devices, so the jump start car process we’ve used for years can damage a car – the one doing the jumping-off or the one needing the jumping off. 

What should you not do when jumping a car?

Modern cars with a dead battery require new equipment and new techniques to safely jump-start them. If you don’t have the right equipment and you don’t know the new technique, what are the do’s and don’ts of jump start cars?

The “Do’s” to jump start cars

  • Read the owner’s manual and confirm if there are jumpstart lugs to attach the cables and not the battery terminals. There are some cars that will void the warranty when it has been jump-started. Read the owner’s manual.
  • Verify the battery voltage of the vehicle that is doing the jumping. If the two cars have different voltage, it can damage both cars.
  • Park close enough to each other so that the jumper cables reach without touching.
  • Turn the motor off to the car with the charged battery, put emergency brakes on both cars.
  • Unplug all accessories like chargers so they aren’t shorted out and turn off headlights, hazard lights, blinkers, radio, air conditioning, etc.
  • Wearing gloves and goggles is recommended.

The “Don’ts” to jump start cars

  • Do not lean directly over either car’s battery.
  • Do not smoke while jump starts cars.
  • If fluids are frozen in a car, do not jump start car. This can cause a car engine to explode.
  • Do not jump start car battery that has a crack or leak.
batteries on store shelves

How long before car battery dies?

With a brand-new battery, you can park your car for two weeks and the battery should still have ample charge. You should turn any energy-using devices off or unplugged before leaving your car sitting that long. If the car will sit a year or longer, disconnect the battery completely, and if it will sit at 25°c temperature or colder, the battery should be removed and taken indoors, but not near any heat like appliances or radiators. 

A car needs an engine and a transmission. A car needs a steering wheel and tires. A car also needs a battery or none of those things are going anywhere. Take care of the battery according to the car manufacturer or the battery manufacturer instructions, and your battery should last for a minimum of two years, on the average five years.

Has your battery gone dead? Need to jump start your car in Festus, MO? Call (636) 937-0797 today!

What is Off Road Recovery?

An Off-Road Vehicle Stuck in Mud.

What is off road recovery?

While off roading is a great adventure and great fun, the fun and adventure can go south quickly if there’s a breakdown or your vehicle goes way off road. When your 4-wheel drive vehicle breaks down or slips off the beaten path, you may need to call in an off road recovery service to tow your vehicle to civilization for repairs. Many towing services have off road recovery trucks that can get out in the wilderness to tow your 4 X 4. These tow trucks can also help someone who has slid off a main road when it’s wet or iced over or following an accident, or a commercial vehicle stranded at a work site.

If you’re planning to go off roading anytime soon, make sure your phone’s contact list has a number for towing service that provides off road recovery in Festus, MO. When you need a reliable towing and recovery service for off roading or on main roads, the team to reach out to are the ones at Pippin Towing & Recovery. We offer a full range of recovery and roadside assistance services. To get help fast, just call __PHONE__.

What should I bring off roading?

While off roading can be a wild, fun ride, if your vehicle breaks down or goes of the main path, you need to be prepared to recover the vehicle or even make temporary repairs until an off road recovery vehicle can arrive to help you. Several companies make kits to recover your vehicle. At minimum your off road recovery kit should include:

  • A recovery or snatch strap
  • A snatch block
  • Bow shackles

Other essentials you might want include:

  • A tool kit
  • Durable work or recovery gloves
  • A storage bag
  • A jack
  • A jump starter
  • Extraction tools or boards to give your vehicle traction when stuck
  • A folding shovel
  • A headlamp
  • Tire repair kit

What is a recovery strap used for?

Whether you’re out in the wilderness or on the main roads, if your vehicle slides in a ditch, an essential piece of equipment you’ll want to have is a recovery strap for off road recovery. This is a strap made of industrial grade webbing that is hooked to a stranded vehicle and a tow vehicle to pull the vehicle out of a ditch or unstuck from mud or other obstacles.

Off road recovery what to do

Whether you’re stuck in the mud, caught in a ditch, or have a flat tire, when it comes to off road recovery, you have to be prepared. First and foremost, you want to have equipment like a recovery strap, shovels, tools, etc., to do any recovery work. You also want to know your limits. If your vehicle has rolled and you are unsure of the right way to turn it over, you should wait for professional help. Otherwise, disaster could strike. Many recovery efforts involve putting you against a heavy machine. You need to know your vehicle’s gross weight as well as yours so you can operate winches and straps without injury to yourself or damage to your vehicle. Make sure you have basic skills down like flat tire repair before you attempt any mechanical repairs. Also, make sure you have a reputable towing service like Pippin Towing & Recovery on your contact list to get you out safely.

What is improper off road recovery

If you’re in a situation anytime you are driving off road, whether for fun or business, where there’s a mechanical failure or you’ve come across an obstacle of any sort that you can’t pass, never try off road recovery if you are unsure of yourself or what to do. You could make the situation worse, which could lead to serious injury or damage to your vehicle. Even getting stuck in mud can cause serious problems. Without equipment like traction boards, or equipment improperly used, it’s very likely the vehicle will sink further into the mud. This only makes it harder to get out. Make sure you know the proper techniques to recover the vehicle or wait for professionals to arrive.

How much does off road recovery cost?

Costs will vary for off road recovery. Most towing services that offer the service will normally charge a per-mile rate for coming out, as well as rates for winching. The winching rates could be charged by the hour, foot or sets. If a tow is involved, the off-road rates may be higher than standard rates. If you’ve driven along spaces like hiking trails not designed for vehicles, the costs to get you out of a tight spot could skyrocket to several thousand dollars, depending on the work involved. On average, though, a typical recovery like sliding off a nearby wet forest road will cost about $300 to $500.

Will AAA tow off road?

AAA has various membership levels when it comes to towing vehicles, and it will depend on the coverage level as well as the road type for off road coverage. In some instances, AAA will only make tows on maintained dirt roads, but not on irregular off road property. Other insurance groups may cover off road towing. Check with your insurer to see what is covered when it comes to towing.

A Winch on an Off-Road Vehicle.

Off road recovery near me

If you are stranded off road and need reliable and affordable off road recovery in Festus, MO, count on the professionals at Pippin Towing & Recovery. We have the right equipment, skills, and experience to get you and your vehicle safely recovered, and if necessary, towed for repairs. Find out more about our services or call us when you need help at __PHONE__.

What Should I Do With My Old Car?

junk car removal lot

Junk Car Removal Services and More

Cars break down and wear out, that is a simple fact of today’s world. Doesn’t matter how old they are, what make or model they are, they will break down or wear out. Sometimes, a car isn’t worth the money it takes to repair it, and you can’t get a good trade-in value for it. So, there it sits in your backyard, driveway, or garage. Luckily, there is a junk car removal service that will get it out of your way. Yes, there are companies that will haul off a junk car or truck at a minimal charge and get it out of sight and out mind. Not only is it better for your driveway, garage, or yard, the environment but your neighbor’s view too.  There are even junk car buyers who will pay you to haul off some cars, trucks, or other vehicles. These are usually vehicles that have some value to them once they have been restored, not just any type of car or truck. Dial __PHONE__ for junk car removal in Festus, MO by Pippin Towing & Recovery.

How do I sell my old car?

Selling your old car is easy these days. Find how benefits you the most is the issue. Sometimes you can sell it for a good price and other times, you take what you can get for the simple convenience of getting cash in your pocket and the car out of your way. How you sell will depend do you need or want to make money or do just need junk car removal service? 

Either way, do yourself a favor and find out what your car is worth. How bad would it be to sell your car for a few dollars to a junk car removal service, only to find out that the buyer did a little work to it and sold it for ten times that much, or more? So, before you sell your car, get a reliable appraisal of the car. 

You can have a car dealer, even a removal service, come to your home and give you a junk car estimate. Or you can use any of the online services that provide you a value based on information you input. Once you have a range of what your car is worth, any of these options are a viable way to sell your old car: 

  • Trade-In: This is an easy and quick to sell an old car if you’re looking to replace it with a new or newer car. Other than the possible hours you’ll spend at the dealership, it takes very little effort. However, know that this convenience will not get you the full value of the car. Car dealerships buy for cheap and sell for high, and your old car will become inventory for them, so they will offer you a low-ball price for it.
  • Sell It to A Car Lot: There are new and used car dealers that will buy your car even if you aren’t planning on buying one from them. Since they are in the business of selling cars, they need inventory and they may see the potential of making some money by reselling your car. 
  • Sell It to an Individual: This is usually the best way to get the most for your car. Remember to get estimates from dealerships or the online sites for the value of your car first and price it accordingly.  This method can take the longest way to sell your, but it is also the way to get the most money for it. 
  • Sell It to Junk Car Removal Service: You have probably seen ads and signage with “We Pay Cash For Cars!” around town, and while you didn’t give it much thought, it is an industry that has taken a lot of junk cars off the streets and out of driveways while leaving their owners with cash in hand. This should be your last resort because it will get you the least amount of money for your car. There are several junk car removal companies in or near any city or town, call around and get the best junk car estimate you can before selling it this way. 
junk car removal

When should I junk my car?

It is usually all in the timing when it comes to selling a car and it’s difficult to sell one that has a lot of memories for you. There comes a time when a car needs to be sold for a variety of reasons and here are 7 possibilities:

  • Ready for A New Car: You’ve had this car since high school, you named it, and you have made many memories in this car. However, you’re out of school now, you have a promising future with your career, and this old Junker just isn’t fitting for that lifestyle. There are times of the year when car dealerships are offering many impressive incentives for trading an old car for a new or newer car, and this could be the perfect time and a smart decision for you.
  • Repairs are More Than the Value: When the repair bills are adding up more than the car is worth, like a new engine or transmission, or front end repair, three of the biggest expenses of a car. When a car is breaking down more than it’s on the road and it is keeping your bank account drained. 
  • It Isn’t Safe: Once a car has become a rust bucket on wheels or Fred Flintstone’s car is safer than yours, it probably time to call a junk car removal company. Unless you have a car that is considered a classic, and repairs have made to keep it on the road or take to classic car shows. If aren’t air bags, seat belts, the taillights are held in by duct tape, or other safety features are missing, it shouldn’t be on the road anymore. Make that call to a junk car removal company! 
  • The Check Engine Light Stays On: Have you put a piece of black tape over the check engine light because it won’t go off, no matter what you do? Don’t be surprised if it suddenly bursts into flames soon. That check engine light is a warning something isn’t right with the engine and if you have added oil, checked all the fluids, spark plugs, etc., and it still stays on, it is time to call for a junk car removal service.
  • No Title: Sometimes we inherit property or vehicles we don’t need or want, so the best thing to do is sell it. However, with a car, to sell it legally, you’ll need a title, and unfortunately, it can’t be found. A junk car removal company buys cars every day without a title. Why? Because they scrape it for metal after they have parted out all the good parts.
  • More Kids Than the Car Has Room For: You bought this car in high school, long before you ever thought about being a grownup that got married and had kids.  The 2-seater was great when there was just the two of you, but now you have kids and they can’t ride on the luggage rack!  A junk car removal company will often give you cash for that old car and take it away!
  • More Rust Than Paint: It was your first car, and it had some rust, but you were okay with that in high school, even into college. Today though, you look at this car and it has more rust than paint, in fact, there is a hole in the back floorboard! Or every time you pull out of a parking spot, there is rust left behind. Time to call a junk car removal company and sell it. 

Do scrap yards take engines?

Yes! Junk yards or salvage yards buy junk car for parts or if all you have is the engine, they buy those too. You can sell engine blocks that are made of most aluminum and have some steel for scrap. You call a junk it car removal service and they’ll come pick it up or you can take it to them and get more money for it. 

How do I donate a junk car?

There are several options to getting a junk vehicle out of your way, and if any of the ways we’ve discussed here aren’t working for you, then consider donating it for charity. You get the tax credit and the junk car goes to a good cause. In the state of Missouri, Good Will Industries take donated vehicles and they offer junk car removal, will give you a receipt that you can use for tax. 

junk car removal services

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There is no need to let a broken-down, rusted-out junk car sit in your driveway, garage, parked in your yard or out in the pasture these days. You can sell it, trade it in, or even donate it, all equal to junk car removal out of your sight and your neighbors! Call Pippin Towing & Recovery at __PHONE__ about junk car removal in Festus, MO today!

How Do You Deal With a Dead Car Battery?

working on car battery charger

Dealing With a Dead Battery

There is possibly no worse feeling than attempting to start your car and finding it is not turning over. You may hear a clicking sound, but the vehicle is not coming to life. Unfortunately, few people actually know how to charge a car battery, but that’s okay because you have Pippin Towing & Recovery to rely on. We are a dependable, trusted, and well-rated towing and recovery company in the area. We specialize in helping clients move and relocate their cars as needed, but we can also help with battery issues. Whether you need a car battery charger for your Festus, MO vehicle or you just need to get it somewhere for a replacement, we can help. Connect with our team today by dialing __PHONE__ for 24-hour services.

Signs You Have a Bad Battery

checking battery after car battery charger

How do I know if my car battery is bad? There are a number of indications that your battery might be giving out. Even more than that, there are a number of signs a car battery charger may be needed. When that’s the case, you can rely on Pippin Towing & Recovery. Not only can we tow your car or even provide an unlocking service, we can help with battery issues as well. 

  • Dim Headlights: Your headlights are necessary for safe and responsible driving at night. If you are noticing that you are struggling to see while driving, it may be because the lights are not getting enough power from the battery. 
  • Clicking Sounds: The most obvious sign your battery is dead or dying is the ticking sound. We’ve possibly all heard it, that clicking, ticking sound when you try to turn the key. When that happens, you likely have a dead battery. 
  • Slow Crank: The slow cranking engine is a common sign of a dying battery. This sound you hear will need to be addressed as soon as possible. If needed, you can rely on a towing company to get your car where it needs to be. 
  • Backfiring: Yes, a car that is backfiring could be the result of a dying battery. Before completely replacing it, check the carburetor and black box. If they appear fine, meaning no damage or significant wear and tear, then you can invest in a battery replacement. 
  • Pressing the Gas: It is not normal to need to press the gas in order to make your car start. Your battery is likely dying or close to dying if you find that you are needing to push on the gas to give some extra energy to your battery in order to start your car.
  • Overnight De-charge: When your car won’t start after sitting overnight, your battery is likely dead or dying. It could potentially be a wiring issue, but either way, it is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. 

How much does a car battery charger cost? How much does the service cost if you contact a towing and recovery company? It’s hard to say because everyone is different. At Pippin Towing & Recovery, we offer competitive and reasonable prices for the services you will need. Though it will likely be cheaper than something like carpet cleaning in Hazelwood, MO, we can’t give you a specific answer until we know what is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to recharge a car battery?
    • It will depend on the car service or device that you invest in. That in mind, there is a range of about $30 to $100 for most battery charging services. So it really will depend on who you go with. 
  • Can a completely dead battery be recharged?
    • Yes, a “dead” battery can be recharged. Car batteries are able to be recharged, in general, but it’s important to note when and how often you are recharging them. If you are attempting to recharge a battery that has less than 12V, it will come back, but you’ll need to consider immediate replacement. 
  • How do I know when my car needs a new battery?
    • If you are noticing that your engine is becoming increasingly slow to start, the check engine light is on, there are bad smells, or you are having electrical issues, you may have battery issues. 
  • How can I check my car battery?
    • If you are good with engine tools, you can use a multimeter to read the voltage of your battery. If you are not good, you may want to rely on a mechanic or a technician that can help to check the condition of your car battery.
car battery charger

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When you need reliable car-related services, there is no other name to trust. Pippin Towing & Recovery that can help with towing, recovery, and car battery charging services. We know how to charge a car battery so it can get you home or to a mechanics shop for service. If we can’t do that, we’ll certainly help you get your car there. It is our goal to provide reliable services when you need them most. Call us at __PHONE__ for round the clock car battery charger in Festus, MO.

How Much Does Towing a Motorcycle Cost?

Motorcycle Towing is a Premium Service

How Much Does Towing a Motorcycle Cost?

Most tow truck companies charge a minimum base fee of approximately fifty dollars for local towing. Local towing is defined as towing a vehicle five or ten miles. For long-distance towing, there is usually a $75 hook-up fee and a fee of $2 to $4 per mile. The price for towing a vehicle will change depending on whether the vehicle is a car, a heavy-duty vehicle, or a motorcycle. For a more accurate estimate concerning your motorcycle tow charge, please consult your local towing company.

Can AAA Tow a Motorcycle?

This is an excellent question. AAA offers motorcycle towing services for premier members. Thus, if you do have a AAA membership, it will be important to request an upgrade. Another factor to consider is that a AAA premier membership usually runs approximately $199 per year. Once you have the membership in place, and if you have a motorcycle, you can call AAA to get towing if you do have an accident. AAA will call towing companies in the area, and get them routed to your location. This process can take a little longer if you have a motorcycle because not all towing companies have a driver who knows how to load and tie down a motorcycle on a flatbed.

Can You Tow a Motorcycle?

Motorcycle towing is not an easy task. There are three usual methods that are used to tow motorcycles. Each of these methods is effective and secure, provided that you use the preferred procedures and equipment. The three methods are flatbed towing, two-wheel towing, and cradles used for towing. Flatbed towing is the most popular route, particularly in instances where the motorcycle isn’t fit for operation. During such procedures, the flatbed of the truck bed is unrestricted, supported by a secure frame. Special locks, ropes, and straps are used to prevent the motorcycle from tipping over. These tow trucks can be easy to find since they are in abundance. These can be rented from a licensed truck rental company.

How Much Can A Towing Company Legally Charge?

The maximum cost for a towing company is approximately $300. The average range for towing services vacillates between seventy-five to one-hundred and twenty-five dollars. The national average cost for a tow is ninety-five dollars, and the minimum cost is about $50. Just like keeping on top of your motorcycle is important, so is keeping an eye on your roof. Your local, friendly residential roofer will be able to ascertain if your roof has any damages. 

How Far Does Roadside Assistance Tow?

Roadside assistance coverage, a provision of auto insurance, provides vital help to drivers when their vehicle breaks down. On every insurance policy, it is an option. In usual circumstances, the car insurance company will partner with businesses in the area that provide roadside assistance. Insurance companies can also employ a team that is available on their client’s behalf. Depending on the provisions of the insurance contract, roadside assistance will be offered up to a limited amount of miles. Any miles that are not covered in the insurance will need to be paid by the client.

What Are Motorcycle Towing Trailers

Motorcycle utility trailers are uncovered single-axle, flatbed trailers. Specially designed, these trailers can be towed by a motorcycle and are far smaller than standard open trailers which have to be pulled by a four-wheel vehicle such as a truck.

How to Flatbed Motorcycle Towing

While motorcycle towing isn’t complicated, it does require the proper tools, materials, and finesse. Safely moving any heavy piece of machinery can be difficult, which is why it is a job best left to experts. Everything must be secure in order to prevent damages. Integral to such a task is the purchase of appropriate nylon tow straps. The straps will need to be attached to the front and rear suspension forks. Other firm parts of the car’s frame will be an acceptable alternative. However, the straps must not be connected across the seat or the bodywork of the car. A motorcycle rail, wheel cradle or wheel chock can also help lock the cycle in place.

How To Motorcycle Towing

If you would like to learn how you can tow a motorcycle, please consult the following bullet points. 

  • Ride the front wheel forward into the trailer and the wheel chock.
  • Secure the motorcycle with ratchet straps. 
  • Check your owner’s manual for recommended ratchet points.
  • Tighten the ratchet straps evenly.
  • Ensure that the motorcycle is secure and that all four ratchet straps are adjusted and tightened evenly.
Motorcycle Towing Can Help You Get to Your Next Destination

Towing Motorcycle Without Trailer

It is possible to tow your motorcycle without a trailer. Motorcycle towing cradles can be attached to the hitch of a truck (or similar vehicle). These cradles allow safe passage for motorcycles across roads.

Our staff at Pippin Towing & Recovery are ready to take your phone call at 636-937-0797. We can help you with your motorcycle towing in Festus, MO!

How Do You Unlock Your Car with Keys Inside?

Close Up of Female Hand Holding Car Door Handle

Unlock Your Car Safely

Almost everyone has had that moment when they realize they are geniuses and have left their keys in the car. Some may panic, some may take a moment to reflect on their stupidity, some were probably too hassled with thoughts to have even noticed their mistake until they need to drive back from their destination. No matter the reaction, the necessary steps to take is to rely on a car unlock service or other similar avenues in order to find a way to get those darn keys out of the car. Some methods may include DIY jobs while others will run the risk of damaging your car. Be sure to weigh in your options before you reach out to a professional for help. Here is some helpful information that may prove useful depending on the situation.

What to do when you lock your keys in your car?

When you have locked your keys in the car you try various avenues to get your keys out. You can call emergency roadside services or even a car unlock service for help. There are also some self-help ways that you can get your car door open depending on the lock function and location of your car. As every car is different and more rescent make and models operate through remotes or other advanced technology you may need to tow your car to your dealership for assistance. Consider the following DIY example below.

How do you unlock a car door without a key?

If you’re wondering how to open locked car door without key there are numerous methods floating around on the internet that you could take. Depending on where your car lock is situated in your car different methods may prove more useful than others while some are completely irrelevant with your lock’s functionality. An interesting method that can be taken into consideration is with a wedge. A wedge can be inserted into the frame of your car and be levered to hold the door frame out. Then a rod can be inserted into the door to push the unlock button. Other methods can include using anything that is long and skinny to activate the lock. You may potentially use a wedge in any opening through slips in the doorframe or window. If you don’t have a rod you may even use your car’s antennae and some even site using their windshield wiper when all other options aren’t available. It’s important to keep in mind that these methods may scratch the paint, ear weather stripping or otherwise damage the body of your car in the process of trying to move with the door frame. A method that works well with locks that move by being pulled up incorporates finagling the lock with a shoelace or string. A string is tied in a slipknot and slowly leveled down from either side of the corner of a car window. Once it reaches the lock the slipknot is tightened and the sting pulled up, in turn, lifting the lock and unlocking the car door.

Women's Hand Presses on the Remote of Car Keys

How to Open Car Without Key

  • Wedge
  • String
  • Breaking Windows
  • Coat Hanger
  • Strip of Plastic
  • Slim Jim
  • String
  • Shoelace
  • Car Antenna
  • Windshield Wiper

Can the police unlock your car for free?

If your car is locked with key inside the police may be able to help you for free only if there is an emergency involved.

Can I call the police if I locked my keys in my car?

Calling the police for keys locked in your car should only be done with emergencies such as leaving a baby or pet in the car. 

Who do I call if I locked my keys in my car?

If you are locked out for regular scenarios you can call an automobile locksmith, a car unlock service, Triple-A, your insurance company and any other avenue where you may be able to receive help.

Contact A Professional

If you find that the risk of DIY options is too risky on your car it may be best to rely on a professional, only a professional car unlock service will be able to safely maneuver your car door or other entrance areas without risking the body of your vehicle. If your car is locked from the inside consider calling towing services to take you to a shop or other service location that can unlock your car door for you. What’s more, as some car unlock services may not be 24 hours 7 days a week you can tow it to your residence and have services like Triple A come over in the morning. Just like a professional roofer will be required for fixing asphalt shingles a professional car unlock service will be necessary for situations of keys stuck inside of a locked car. Save yourself from the trouble of finagling with your car and contact a professional today.

If you require assistance with a car unlock service in Festus, MO call (636) 937-0797 with Pippin Towing & Recovery! 

What Do You Do When You Run Out of Gas?

Gas Light Indicator On Dash.

How Do You Know When Your Car Is About to Run Out of Gas?

Running out of gas can be one of the scariest things to happen to you. Whether it’s running out of gas at night or running out of gas on the highway, this type of situation can be incredibly stressful and leave you wondering what you should do. A lot of people wonder how you know you have run out of gas, and there are a couple of running out of gas symptoms that you should be aware of. Knowing what the signs are for running out of gas can help you better navigate what to do in this type of situation.

  • Gas Light Indicator Pops Up: If you are about to run out of gas, the first thing that will happen is your gas light will pop up on your dash. Typically when the gas light comes on, the driver still has about another 25 miles to find a gas station before they run out of gas.
  • Your Car Won’t Start: When there isn’t enough gas in your tank, then it can make turning on your car impossible. If you are in the middle of driving and you run out of gas, then your car will automatically stop working.
  • Your Car Will Stall: Another sign that you have run out of gas is when you have only a little bit of fuel, get your car to start, and it begins to stall when you are driving.
  • Your Car Will Make Noises: A car that has started to run out of gas will also make strange noises as the car is attempting to turnover.

Once you have run out of gas you might be wondering what steps you need to take. The first thing you will want to do is put your car in park so that is doesn’t roll away. If you have roadside assistance, then you can call them and they can bring you gas. For people who don’t have roadside assistance, you can always call a towing company. Towing company provide other services besides towing, so when you call you can ask if they can bring you gas.

How Long Can You Run On Empty?

Many people who are about to run out of gas usually ask, “How far can I go with my gas light on?” It honestly depends on what type of vehicle you have, a truck or car, but typically a vehicle can go 25 miles before they completely run out of gas. There are other factors that can contribute to how long it takes for your car to run out of gas such as the condition of the car and how the car is being driven. It important that when your fuel tank indicates you are about to run out of gas, you find a gas station right away.

How to Avoid Running Out of Gas

If you think your car is about to run out of gas, there are some things you can do to try to prevent this from happening. The first thing you will want to do is find the nearest gas station. Once you know where the nearest gas station is you will need to slow your speed to at least 35 or 45 miles per hour. Going the speeds will make your car more fuel-efficient, so you can save gas while you are driving to the gas station. Other things you need to do to save on fuel before you get to a gas station is turning off the radio, A/C, as well as roll up the windows. All of these things can help you reduce how much gas you are using. Lastly, if it’s possible, try to drive downhill. Driving downhill doesn’t take a lot of gas, so its ideal to find a gas station that is downhill.

Who Can I Call If I Ran Out of Gas?

Person Using Phone On Road.

Places and People to Call

If you happen to run out of gas, then you will need to call someone to bring you gas. If you aren’t very far from home, you can call your parents, other relatives, or friends to bring you gas. In situations where you are far from home, there are a couple of people you can call. People who have roadside assistance can call them and they can bring them gas. A lot of people ask, “Can you call the police if you run out of gas?” and the answer is yes. If you are in a remote area and you don’t know who to call, you can always contact the police for help. However, towing companies can also help in these types of situations. Running out of gas is never fun, but if you need gas, call Pippin Towing & Recovery! We can offer towing services in Festus, MO that include gas services. Just like you wouldn’t go to someone other than a roofer for roof damage storm repair, you wouldn’t call anyone else but a tower when you are having issues on the road. You can reach us at (636) 937-0797 to get more information.

When Should You Change Your Tires?

A Picture of a Woman in a Black Dress Changing a Tire.

How Long Do Tires Last On Average?

When it comes to driving our cars, we need a lot of components to work together to have it drive properly. We need a functioning engine, steering wheel, battery, brakes, and tires. You might occasionally need engine services if your car isn’t running properly, but for the most part, tires are a common reason why your car might not be driving properly. Our car’s tires are important because it moves the car forward by providing traction for the surface of the road. Because they play a big part in how a car drives, its important to know when to change out your tires. Many people ask how long tires should last, and they typically last three to four years. This is when the tread on the tire will start to wear, so its important to get your tires changed around that time. While the age of the tire is important for changing a tire, there are other times when tires should be changed. Tire change recommendations include you are driving and the car is vibrating badly, if the tread is 1/16 of an inch, you can see the tread wear indicator bars, cracks are appearing in the sidewall, and there are tears or blisters in the tire. If you are uncomfortable changing a tire, then you can always call tire change roadside assistance for help. They can give you advice on tire change and storage.

Tire Change Safety Tips

If you are changing a tire, it is important that you know some of the safety tips. Changing a tire can be very dangerous, especially if it’s on the highway, so knowing how to keep yourself safe in this situation is vital. Here are some safety tips to follow when changing a tire.

  • Get Off the Road: Many people that need to change a tire usually only pull off to the shoulder of the road. This can prove to be dangerous as there is very little room between you and the other cars. If your car can make it, try pulling off into a safer area like rest stop or gas station to change your tire.
  • Make Yourself Seen: In order to protect yourself while you are changing your tire, it is essential that you make yourself visible. You can turn on your car’s hazards, road cones, or even use road flares to make other people aware of your presence.
  • Make Sure the Ground is Flat: You don’t want to jack the car up when it’s on an incline or else the jack will slip from underneath the car. Changing a tire on flat ground will ensure that it’s done correctly.
  • Use Your Parking Brake: To make sure that your car is secure and that it won’t roll away while you are under the car, it is a good idea to pull the car’s parking brake.
  • Find the Nearest Service Station: Once the tire has been changed, you will want to drive your car to the nearest service station to get a real tire for your car. Or you can go to a gas station and call someone to tow your car to a service station if you are really far away.

Is it OK to Replace Only One Tire?

If you have a tire that has been punctured and damaged in the same way and needs to replace, you might wonder if it’s okay to replace the one tire. When considering if replacing one tire is okay, it’s important to consider the tread depth, tire size, speed rating, and load index. In regards to the tread depth, tire size, and speed rating, these things will have to match your existing tires. When it comes to the load index, whatever tire you end up getting will need to be able to hold the weight of the car. If your new tire doesn’t meet any of the four qualifications, you will need to buy at least two tires.

Is it Bad to Have Different Brands of Tires On Car?

Knowing whether to go with different brand tires then the tires you have now is within the same vein of whether you should replace just one tire. If you are thinking about buying two tires from a different brand then you have now, those tires have to be the same size, have the same amount of tread, as well as meet the speed rating and load index. When your tires don’t match up, it can cause problems for the car. However, sometimes it is unavoidable and you will have to buy tires that are a different brand than your current tires–in that case, they will need to have the same tread patterns.

Tire Change and Tire Rotation

A Picture of a Mechanic Changing a Tire.

How Much Does it Cost to Change a Tire?

The cost of replacing your tires is going to depend on how many tires need to be replaced, the brand of tires you have, as well as the type of car that you own. Changing a tire or tires can range from $200 to $600 depending on all of those variables. If you need help changing a tire in Festus, MO, you can call on the professionals at Pippin Towing & Recovery. We can offer tire change service that is affordable and will get you back on the road in no time. Give us a call at (636) 937-0797 and we will change your tire quickly!

How do you know if the suspension has gone on your car?

Your cars suspension is designed to even our your ride on uneven roads.

Car With Suspension Damage

Do you notice it difficult to turn your wheel to the left when you want to turn? Does it feel like you can feel every single bump in the road when you drive? If you notice these things, there may be something wrong with your suspension. There are many things to look for to determine if your suspension is damaged or worn out. When it comes to actually making any repairs, though, it is encouraged to let a professional mechanic do the actual work. They are able to understand what is causing the issue and make repairs without damaging the rest of your vehicle. Driving with a damaged suspension is incredibly dangerous so when you need a tow because of bad car suspension in Festus, MO, rely on Pippin Towing & Recovery. Call us at __PHONE__ to schedule a tow today.

Car With Suspension Issues

There are 5 common signs that you may be experiencing suspension issues with your car. The suspension on your car is designed to smooth out the ride. It is made up several parts including the chassis, coil springs, structs, and shock absorbers. All of these items work together to maximize the friction between the road and your vehicle.

  • Pulling to one side: This is one of the most common signs of suspension issues. You can tell because when you turn your wheel right or left, the steering wheel pulls hard in the opposite direction. Now, your wheel pulling can also be an indicator of several other things, which is why it’s so important to have a professional diagnose your car.
  • Feeling every bump: Rough rides are clear indicators of a worn out struts. The best way to check for this is to do a bounce test. While the car is parked, put weight on the front end of your car and let go. If your car bounces 3 or more times, the shocks or struts are worn out. Worn shock absorbers are a big problem and need to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • One corner/tire sits low: When one side or tire sits lower than the others when your car is parked, you may have a damaged spring. You may hear a clunking noise when you go over bumps. It’s important to have this repaired quickly because without the spring, your car can’t support the weight.
  • Diving, rolling, and leaning: You can tell you need to replace shocks or struts when: your car tips forward (dives) when braking; your vehicle leans (rolls) to one side when cornering; your car tips backward (squats or leans) when accelerating.
  • Difficulty steering: If it is difficult to turn your steering wheel, even when you’re going slow, there may be something wrong with your suspension. But, like when you wheel pulls, difficulty steering can be an indicator of other reasons. So, when you notice it is hard to turn the wheel or keep the wheel steady when driving, contact a mechanic for a professional diagnosis.

While it is easy to diagnose suspension problems, it is actually very difficult to determine what is causing the problem. For that, you need a professional diagnosis from a mechanic. It is not recommended to drive when you may experiencing suspension or strut issues. A damaged or worn suspension can, as mentioned, make it difficult to steer which can result in a potential wreck. Instead, it is highly encouraged to schedule a flatbed towing to a local shop for an inspection. When you need a tow to diagnose issues with your car suspension in the Festus, MO, contact Pippin Towing & Recovery.

Mechanics can install soft shocks, which help to reduce impact even more and can protect your car as well.

Car Suspension vs Shocks

When it comes to the structure of your vehicle, the shocks are one of the several components that make up the car suspension. The suspension is designed to handle and control the road quality when you are driving. What that means is, the suspension works to stabilizing your tires when driving on uneven ground while also working to absorb and release pressure to prevent damage. This is why your suspension is made up of structural and shock absorbing parts.

If there are any issues with the shocks and struts, you may have serious problems on your hands. Shocks are designed to do what you would think – they absorb the shock from bumpy roads. Incorporated with the shocks are the struts. Struts are designed to literally hold your car up, so when the struts are compromised, serious damages could occur to your vehicle’s alignment. When either part is damaged or compromised, you can be looking at expensive repair and replacement costs.

In light of this, many want to know can car suspension be adjusted? Yes, they can! If a mechanic has diagnosed worn out or damaged suspension, you can ask the mechanic to install softer shocks and struts. These will make your ride much smoother and less chaotic feeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to replace suspension on a car?
    • For most cars, the suspension parts, or the struts, cost anywhere between $200 and $1,500.
  • Can I drive with bad suspension?
    • While you can drive short distances with bad suspension, it is highly discouraged to do so. The bad or broken suspension affects your ability to handle, steer, and brake in your car.
  • What is the best car suspension?
    • There are a wide variety of struts, shocks, and more on the market. Anything from brands like Bilstein, Skunk, or HSD Monopro are guaranteed quality.
  • Can bad suspension cause vibration?
    • A loose or damaged suspension can aggravate vibration, but it will never be the cause of vibration in your car.
  • Is it dangerous to drive with bad struts?
    • Yes, driving with bad struts can put you in danger when you drive. Doing so can also cause significant damage to other parts of your vehicle as well.
Let us tow your car when you need a mechanic to diagnose your car suspension.

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