Festus Gas Service

Pippin Gas Service in FestusAre you stuck on the side of the road because you forgot to fill up your tank or you overestimated the mileage you could get on that last quarter tank? Before you resort to standing on the side of the road with your thumb out, give us a call! We offer gas service in Festus! Pippin Towing & Recovery is a team of friendly professionals waiting to help you out. If you need gas in Festus, you need to call us now!

Need gas service in Festus?

If you ran out of gas in Festus and need a helping hand, we want to help. We will have a Pippin Towing & Recovery member sent out to your location with enough gas to make it to the next refilling station. Stranded out in the heat? We’ll bring you a bottle of water along with a canister of gas so you can refuel as well! Just ask!

At Pippin Towing in Festus, we have been providing exceptional customer service to those with car trouble for more than 60 years and we will continue to work towards providing outstanding customer satisfaction. Don’t just call any towing service, call someone you can trust. Not only will we solve your car problems, we’ll put a smile on your face!

For 24 hour gas delivery service in Festus, call Pippin Towing & Recovery today at (636) 937-0797!