Advantages of Flatbed Towing

flatbed towingWhether you are finally removing that old junker that doesn’t run or you are transporting a high value vehicle, flatbed towing is often a necessity. With our fleet of tow trucks, we can tow nearly anything, from cars and trucks to barns and sheds.

Flatbed tow trucks are one of the safest towing options available. This is especially so for low-clearance vehicles that cannot easily be towed by a traditional tow truck. Keeping your car off the road with a flatbed tow truck protects your tires and keeps them from wearing unevenly.

This is highly important for certain vehicles. Risking damage to high performance and high value cars can be costly. All wheel drive vehicles can be damaged if not towed with a flatbed. With junkers that won’t start or cars damaged in accidents, a flatbed is nearly a necessity.

With the professionals at Pippin Towing and Recovery, you can be sure our professionals will assist you in the most practical solution for towing your car. As an extra plus, we can also tow sheds and barns with our flatbed trucks! 

Fast Flatbed Towing

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