5 Things You Should Do After a Car Accident

You’re going along your way, when suddenly: BOOM! Your vehicle has collided with another one. If this is your first accident, don’t panic. Here are five things you should do following a car wreck.

First, Get to Safety

If your vehicle is still functional, pull over to the side of the road and park it. Use flares or your car’s flashers to let other motorists know you’re there, particularly if it’s dark outside.

a photo of a wrecked car on a tow truckNext, Check On the Other Party

Go over and check to see if anyone in the other vehicle was injured. Try to remain calm and polite to avoid a confrontation. At the minimum, you will need to exchange insurance information. If the wreck was more than a mild fender bender, you definitely want to take pictures and document whatever you can.

Then, Call the Police (If Needed)

The police can come to the scene and determine who they think was at fault, if anyone. They can also take an accident report that will become available to you and your insurance company to help with your claim process.

Finally, Call a Tower

If your vehicle was disabled during the accident, call a trusted towing company to transport it safely to your home or a repair shop. Look for towers who are BBB accredited and well known in the community.

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