Nail in Tire: Safe to Drive or No?

tire about to drive over nailIf you are like millions of other drivers, chances are good that you have experienced having a nail in your tire. As with any damage to your vehicle, having it serviced as soon as possible is critical for your safety and the well being of your car. Here we discuss several options you may have when it comes to handling a nail in your tire.

Safety is of utmost importance on the road. With so many factors out of our control, car maintenance is one area where you can be ahead of the game and be as safe as possible. Any car maintenance advice should be taken with a grain of salt, and ultimately, your car should be serviced by a professional. A mechanic may be able to patch the tire, or it may have to be replaced all together.

If you notice a nail or screw in your tire and your tire is still holding air, do not remove it. The nail is plugging the hole it created and removing it would cause your tire to leak. However, even if the tire is holding air, you should still have your tire serviced immediately. If you are within close proximity to a repair shop and you feel comfortable enough to drive, slowly and safely make your way there to have your tire professionally serviced, or replace the tire with a spare.

A flat tire from a nail or other factor is no cause for alarm: call Pippin Towing & Recovery for towing in a pinch! We are available for emergency towing 24/7.