Do You Really Need To Warm Up The Car Before Driving In Cold Weather?

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Is Your Car Ready For Colder Weather?

With winter here and many people preparing to travel for the holiday season, many people are rushing to make sure everything is ready. If you will be making a long road trip to meet your family and friends this year, be sure to make sure your car is ready too! There are plenty of things you can do to prepare your vehicle for a long drive, including checking you tire inflation, topping off your fluids, examining your battery and brakes, and replacing old windshield wipers. Today however, we will specifically discuss the idea that your vehicle needs to be warmed up before driving in cold weather.

So is it true that your vehicle needs to be warmed up before driving in cold weather? The answer is yes! You see, car manufactures know that vehicles are going to expand and contract in colder and warmer weather. Because of this, the materials they use in your vehicle are designed to expand easily through temperature changes. However, if the vehicle is too cold, trying to drive without warming up the car can lead to more wear and tear than you’d think, which can lead to unnecessary damages.

Warming up your vehicle also helps the oil in your engine, which is important to prevent extra wear and tear as well. Allowing your vehicle to warm up will also allow the oils to begin circulating before you drive off! Even your tires benefit from an idling engine before driving off. If your tires are too cold, they have less traction, which can be dangerous in wet or icy weather.

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