3 Tips On Avoiding Tire Blowouts

Vehicle Tire Blowout

Avoid A Tire Blowout With These Tips!

There are many dangers out on the roads, from other drivers, to hazardous driving conditions, and everything in between. Today we will discuss how to avoid tire blowouts while driving. While blowouts are most common in the summer, it is possible to experience a blowout at any time of the year. Thankfully, unlike other potential hazards, blowouts can usually be avoided with some diligent vehicle maintenance on your part. 

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

In most modern vehicles, you will have a sensor that alerts you when your tire pressure isn’t ideal. Always heed these warnings, and take time to adjust your tire pressure. This not only makes your vehicle safer, but can also save you additionally money on gas.

Observe Your GVWR

The GVWR is the Gross Vehicular Weight Rating, and can be found on the information sticker inside your driver’s side door panel, or in your owner’s manual. Using that rating as a guide, make sure your don’t overload your vehicle with cargo, people, or anything else.

Repair Tire Damages

You should check your tires for damage frequently. This doesn’t mean you need to have them professionally inspected, but when you wash your vehicle, or whenever you have a minute to spare, look at your tires and watch for any signs of damage. This can include anything from low tread, to nails in the tire, and especially bumps, bulges, or cracks. Any of these problems can lead to a blowout.

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