Caught in Traffic- How to Handle It


You’re driving home from work in rush hour traffic, and it happens- the unthinkable. You break down in the middle of a highway filled with traffic. Now what? We all dread this situation, but very few of us actually know what do if it happens to us. Following these safety tips can keep you safe and get you the help you need.

Don’t Exit

Car Trouble Tips

If you are stuck in the middle of a busy highway, do not exit your vehicle. It can be unnerving to sit in the car with traffic swirling by you, but never try to cross a busy highway, especially when drivers are already focused on getting around your broken down vehicle. Instead, strap on your safety belt and call for police help.

When It’s Dark

Doesn’t it always figure that when you break down, it always seems to be at night? If you’re stalled in the middle of a highway lane at night, do everything in your power to become more visible. Instead of your hazard lights, which can cause drivers to think your car is actually moving, turn on all interior lights so that oncoming drivers can see you better. If you have safety triangles or flares, try to quickly position them directly behind your vehicle until help arrives.

During the Day

If you get caught during daylight hours, use your hazards to signal to oncoming traffic that you’re having a problem. Strap yourself into your vehicle and call a tow truck along with highway patrol for quick help to safety.

Breaking down in the middle of a busy road can be hectic and scary. Help prevent unexpected breakdowns with regular maintenance and care for your vehicle. To find out more about how to handle a breakdown, or to get help when you are broken down, call Pippin Towing and Recovery at (636) 937-0797.