What Should You Do In A Car Accident?

Anyone who drives on the road will most likely deal with an accident. Even if you’re the best driver on the road, you can’t control what other drivers are doing around you. If you are in an accident, it’s important to take the right actions to keep yourself safe.

Car Accident Towing

Take the right course of action if you’re in a car accident.

Be Safe

The most important thing to do when you’re in an accident is be safe. If you’re not severely injured, get out of the car or drive it to out of the way of oncoming traffic. It’s important to get away from future danger. Make sure the car is off and completely stopped. Check your passengers and the people in the other vehicle to make sure no one is hurt or still in danger.

Call The Police

The police work with other emergency responders and secure the accident scene to make sure no one else gets hurt. They’ll also write an accident report which is crucial for insurance purposes.

Take Pictures And Exchange Information

Both parties need to exchange information (insurance, phone numbers, etc). If there’s police a report, this is included. However, you should also take pictures of the damages on both cars to show your insurance company if there’s any disputes.

Get Towing Service

If you’re not able to drive the vehicle, you’ll need to call for a towing service.

Call Your Insurance Company

After everything is settled and you are back home, you’ll need to call your insurance company and make a claim. They may direct you to the other party’s insurance company first.

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