I Need a Tow…My GPS Led Me Here!

Long gone are the days of the fold-out map. We are fortunate enough live in the age of GPS and Google maps. And oh how much trust in these new age devices to get us to the right place, safely! But that isn’t always the case. Sometimes our mobile mapping devices can end up leading us down the wrong road, or maybe even off the road completely.  Fortunately, you have reliable towing services, like Pippins Towing and Recovery, here when you need us. Check out where these people ended up while following their GPS.

  • In Northbridge, MA, a woman found herself interrupting a quiet afternoon of golf by getting herself stuck in a sand trap. The police report said that the woman’s malfunctioning GPS told her to turn left…directly into a cornfield. After driving through a bit and then attempting to get out, she ended up driving onto the putting green and into that sand trap.
  • A Swiss van driver found himself driving on a footpath near the peak of a mountain. Unable to turn around because of the narrow path, the man was forced to call for help. Luckily, he was able to reach someone and was airlifted to safety.
  • In Bellevue, WA, three women followed their GPS right into a lake. They were in town on business and rented a vehicle with a navigation system. While in search of their hotel, the woman driving was driving down a “dark road”, so she thought. In actuality, the GPS was leading them down a boat launch and right into the lake in Mercer Slough Nature Park. All the women made it out safely.

So if your GPS ends up landing you in a sticky situation, depending on how sticky the situation is, the experts at Pippin Towing and Recovery has you covered. And because recognize that a towing emergency can happen at absolutely any time, we offer services around the clock. Give us a call at (636) 937-0797. We’re always here for you.