Summer Tips: Overheating Engines

Photo of overheating engineWith summer nearly here and trips being planned, there is a lot of excitement going around. One of the biggest ways people find their summer plans brought to a halt is through an overheated engine. While service and maintenance can prevent this, sometimes coolant levels get low or your engine does not cool quickly enough. When this happens,  what should you do? We have compiled a couple of tips for how to deal with an overheating engine this summer season.

Tips For An Overheating Engine

#1 Let Your Car Rest

When your thermometer reaches the red zone it is time to stop your vehicle. Ease over to the shoulder and turn off your engine. Pressing your vehicle when it has over heated can cause excessive damage to head gaskets and the rest of your engine. This makes it crucial to stop when you overheat the engine.

#2 Do Not Remove Your Radiator Cap

You may want to open up your hood and radiator cap to let all of the steam escape. This is dangerous! Wait for your engine to cool before you open the hood. Your radiator and coolant within is both pressurized and very hot. If you remove the cap, you may receive severe burns to any exposed area from the coolant or steam.

#3 Get Your Vehicle Serviced As Soon As Possible

When your engine overheats, you may think getting it home is the best course of action. However, the more you drive a vehicle with an overheated engine, the more risk you run of damaging your car and causing the need for more expensive repairs. Your best bet to keep your car functioning is to have it serviced as quickly as possible. Having it towed will save potential damage from driving and get it to your destination.

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