Everything You Need for a Car Emergency Kit

Car Emergency Kit Essentials

Get Yourself Out of a Sticky Situation with a Car Emergency Kit

As a driver, you should always be prepared for a breakdown or accident. Sometimes these incidents are unavoidable, but others can be easily remedied—or at least made a little less terrible—with a few supplies. Here’s everything you need for a car emergency kit!

The Essentials

No matter when or where you are driving or who is in your car, there are some items you should never leave home without. Keep these car emergency kit essentials in your car at all times!

  • Tire Changing Supplies (Tire Iron, Tire Jack, Spare Tire)
  • Jumper Cables
  • Flashlight
  • Bottles or Jug of Water
  • Emergency Food (Energy Bars, MREs, etc.)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Car Manual
  • Car Insurance
  • Emergency Information (such as AAA, towing company, etc.)
  • Blanket

In addition to keeping these items in your vehicle, it is equally essential to keep them in good repair and know how to use them. Consider keeping spare batteries for your flashlight, and keep these tools within easy reach.

Personalize Your Kit

There are many other items you could include in your kit, but some might be more relevant to certain people. For example, if you are driving in the winter, it’s smart to keep an ice scraper, gloves, and maybe an extra jacket in your car. Parents should keep extra food and water for their kids and pets who ride in the car. Traveling to an area you are unfamiliar with? Bring a current paper map of the region, as your GPS and cell phone could fail. Other great items to include in your car emergency kit include a change of clothes, umbrella, tissues, flares, a weather radio, and more.

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