Avoiding Roadside Emergencies – 3 Smart Driver Habits

Roadside Emergencies

Many Roadside Emergencies are Preventable.

Roadside emergencies can be scary stuff. Most drivers will at experience at least one roadside crisis during their lifetime. Thankfully, there are simple ways to greatly reduce your changes of ending up in one. To protect yourself while you’re on the road, try adopting these three easy driver habits!


Driving Habit #1: Check Your Tires

As we mentioned in a previous post, checking the condition of your tires on a regular basis is a critical part of protecting yourself on the road. That includes looking over your tread (making sure it isn’t too worn), watching out for cracks and bulges in the sidewall, and making sure your tires aren’t expired. Pay special attention to their manufacturing dates, as expired tires are much more likely to fail on the road.

Driving Habit #2: Keep an Eye Open for Leaks

While leaking condensation is nothing to be worried about, oil and other fluid leaks can be quite dangerous for your car. Leaking coolant or oil can cause your engine to overheat and shut down on the road, which can be a very scary situation to be in. Make sure you take your car to a mechanic if you spot any such leaks.

Driving Habit #3: Fill Up Sooner, Not Later

One of the most common, but preventable causes of roadside emergencies is running out of gas. This is especially problematic if you are traveling away from home and you aren’t familiar with the area. One great habit to adopt is refueling when your gas tank is at one quarter tank of fuel. That way, you won’t damage your engine by running on fumes as you frantically search for a station.

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