What Does Roadside Assistance Cover?

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We’ve all heard of it: roadside assistance. A lot of us have it. Many of us never have to use it which is great. Roadside assistance is an option in auto insurance policies that if your car breaks down while driving, your insurance company will come out to help. You often see them riskily under cars on the sides of highways helping stranded drivers. It is an extremely useful insurance option to utilize. Some things roadside assistance covers are:

  • Having a locksmith come and unlock your car if you locked your keys inside it, have had your keys stolen or lost.
  • Towing
  • Mechanical on-scene labor such as: battery jump starts,
  • Fuel delivery
  • Oil delivery
  • Replacement tire delivery, and the roadside professional can even put the spare tire on your vehicle right then and there.
  • Replacement battery delivery
  • Winching service: Winching is towing or pulling cars with a motor powered cable or chain. This is often used for cars that have gotten stuck in mud, snow, water, or sand and need heavy duty force to pull the car out.

You should consider getting roadside assistance if you are a nervous or reckless driver, have an old car, often made long commutes or live in isolated areas. Many car owners have roadside assistance just for peace of mind and convenience for the big “what if”. Pippin Towing & Recovery provides roadside assistance in Festus, MO. Call us today at (636) 937-0797 to learn more.