Winter Towing

We’re well into the winter season. There’s a slight chance of minor snowfall at night during the next couple of weeks. If you should find yourself in a wreck at this time, don’t abandon your car. You’re not going to want to be caught out in the freezing weather and it could obstruct traffic or snowplows.

snow on cars

Rain and freezing temperatures are a potentially hazardous combination for drivers out on the road. When the roads are covered in ice, your tires lose all traction and the amount of accidents skyrocket fast. If you do decide to drive on icy roads, ensure that your cellphone is on your person in case of an accident or other type of emergency. Keep in mind that Festus averages about 14 inches of snowfall annually.

Keep our number handy in your wallet or car if you decide to drive on icy conditions. If your car gets wrecked or stuck, give us a call at (636) 937-0797.