Maintaining Car Cleanliness

There’s something very refreshing about getting into a perfectly clean car every day; it’s too bad they’re so hard to maintain. It doesn’t have to be, though. Here are some basic tips for maintaining a clean car:




Keep a garbage bag in your car:

Don’t let trash accumulate all over your car; put it in a trash bag. Otherwise you’ll be scurrying all over to clean everything up later. If the trash contains food, it will probably end up staining your car and leaving a disgusting smell.

Avoid eating in your car:

The only reason you should break this rule is if you’re in a huge time crunch. Otherwise, use it as an excuse to find more relaxing surrounding to have a meal. Food spills are one of the biggest causes of dirty, stinky cars.

Keep shoes clean:

If your shoes have any dirt on them, rap them hard against the ground before getting in your car. Vacuuming the floors can take a lot of time; avoid it by keeping dirt out altogether.

Store vehicle in a garage:

If you live in an apartment, this will keep your car from getting scratched or dented. Leaves and wind debris will dirty up your car fast. Avoid the need for constant washes by keeping your car covered.

Wash and wax regularly:

The easiest way to get this done is to take your car in to the car wash. You can get it washed and waxed, and it’s an enjoyable visual experience. If you want to save some cash, do it at home yourself; it can be cathartic. You should get your car washed every 3 weeks or so, and waxed about every 4 months.


Follow these tips and your car will stay clean with no problems. For any towing-related questions, give Pippin Towing and Recovery a call at (636) 937-0797.