What Should I Do With My Old Car?

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Cars break down and wear out, that is a simple fact of today’s world. Doesn’t matter how old they are, what make or model they are, they will break down or wear out. Sometimes, a car isn’t worth the money it takes to repair it, and you can’t get a good trade-in value for it. So, there it sits in your backyard, driveway, or garage. Luckily, there is a junk car removal service that will get it out of your way. Yes, there are companies that will haul off a junk car or truck at a minimal charge and get it out of sight and out mind. Not only is it better for your driveway, garage, or yard, the environment but your neighbor’s view too.  There are even junk car buyers who will pay you to haul off some cars, trucks, or other vehicles. These are usually vehicles that have some value to them once they have been restored, not just any type of car or truck. Dial __PHONE__ for junk car removal in Festus, MO by Pippin Towing & Recovery.

How do I sell my old car?

Selling your old car is easy these days. Find how benefits you the most is the issue. Sometimes you can sell it for a good price and other times, you take what you can get for the simple convenience of getting cash in your pocket and the car out of your way. How you sell will depend do you need or want to make money or do just need junk car removal service? 

Either way, do yourself a favor and find out what your car is worth. How bad would it be to sell your car for a few dollars to a junk car removal service, only to find out that the buyer did a little work to it and sold it for ten times that much, or more? So, before you sell your car, get a reliable appraisal of the car. 

You can have a car dealer, even a removal service, come to your home and give you a junk car estimate. Or you can use any of the online services that provide you a value based on information you input. Once you have a range of what your car is worth, any of these options are a viable way to sell your old car: 

  • Trade-In: This is an easy and quick to sell an old car if you’re looking to replace it with a new or newer car. Other than the possible hours you’ll spend at the dealership, it takes very little effort. However, know that this convenience will not get you the full value of the car. Car dealerships buy for cheap and sell for high, and your old car will become inventory for them, so they will offer you a low-ball price for it.
  • Sell It to A Car Lot: There are new and used car dealers that will buy your car even if you aren’t planning on buying one from them. Since they are in the business of selling cars, they need inventory and they may see the potential of making some money by reselling your car. 
  • Sell It to an Individual: This is usually the best way to get the most for your car. Remember to get estimates from dealerships or the online sites for the value of your car first and price it accordingly.  This method can take the longest way to sell your, but it is also the way to get the most money for it. 
  • Sell It to Junk Car Removal Service: You have probably seen ads and signage with “We Pay Cash For Cars!” around town, and while you didn’t give it much thought, it is an industry that has taken a lot of junk cars off the streets and out of driveways while leaving their owners with cash in hand. This should be your last resort because it will get you the least amount of money for your car. There are several junk car removal companies in or near any city or town, call around and get the best junk car estimate you can before selling it this way. 
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When should I junk my car?

It is usually all in the timing when it comes to selling a car and it’s difficult to sell one that has a lot of memories for you. There comes a time when a car needs to be sold for a variety of reasons and here are 7 possibilities:

  • Ready for A New Car: You’ve had this car since high school, you named it, and you have made many memories in this car. However, you’re out of school now, you have a promising future with your career, and this old Junker just isn’t fitting for that lifestyle. There are times of the year when car dealerships are offering many impressive incentives for trading an old car for a new or newer car, and this could be the perfect time and a smart decision for you.
  • Repairs are More Than the Value: When the repair bills are adding up more than the car is worth, like a new engine or transmission, or front end repair, three of the biggest expenses of a car. When a car is breaking down more than it’s on the road and it is keeping your bank account drained. 
  • It Isn’t Safe: Once a car has become a rust bucket on wheels or Fred Flintstone’s car is safer than yours, it probably time to call a junk car removal company. Unless you have a car that is considered a classic, and repairs have made to keep it on the road or take to classic car shows. If aren’t air bags, seat belts, the taillights are held in by duct tape, or other safety features are missing, it shouldn’t be on the road anymore. Make that call to a junk car removal company! 
  • The Check Engine Light Stays On: Have you put a piece of black tape over the check engine light because it won’t go off, no matter what you do? Don’t be surprised if it suddenly bursts into flames soon. That check engine light is a warning something isn’t right with the engine and if you have added oil, checked all the fluids, spark plugs, etc., and it still stays on, it is time to call for a junk car removal service.
  • No Title: Sometimes we inherit property or vehicles we don’t need or want, so the best thing to do is sell it. However, with a car, to sell it legally, you’ll need a title, and unfortunately, it can’t be found. A junk car removal company buys cars every day without a title. Why? Because they scrape it for metal after they have parted out all the good parts.
  • More Kids Than the Car Has Room For: You bought this car in high school, long before you ever thought about being a grownup that got married and had kids.  The 2-seater was great when there was just the two of you, but now you have kids and they can’t ride on the luggage rack!  A junk car removal company will often give you cash for that old car and take it away!
  • More Rust Than Paint: It was your first car, and it had some rust, but you were okay with that in high school, even into college. Today though, you look at this car and it has more rust than paint, in fact, there is a hole in the back floorboard! Or every time you pull out of a parking spot, there is rust left behind. Time to call a junk car removal company and sell it. 

Do scrap yards take engines?

Yes! Junk yards or salvage yards buy junk car for parts or if all you have is the engine, they buy those too. You can sell engine blocks that are made of most aluminum and have some steel for scrap. You call a junk it car removal service and they’ll come pick it up or you can take it to them and get more money for it. 

How do I donate a junk car?

There are several options to getting a junk vehicle out of your way, and if any of the ways we’ve discussed here aren’t working for you, then consider donating it for charity. You get the tax credit and the junk car goes to a good cause. In the state of Missouri, Good Will Industries take donated vehicles and they offer junk car removal, will give you a receipt that you can use for tax. 

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There is no need to let a broken-down, rusted-out junk car sit in your driveway, garage, parked in your yard or out in the pasture these days. You can sell it, trade it in, or even donate it, all equal to junk car removal out of your sight and your neighbors! Call Pippin Towing & Recovery at __PHONE__ about junk car removal in Festus, MO today!