What is Off Road Recovery?

An Off-Road Vehicle Stuck in Mud.

What is off road recovery?

While off roading is a great adventure and great fun, the fun and adventure can go south quickly if there’s a breakdown or your vehicle goes way off road. When your 4-wheel drive vehicle breaks down or slips off the beaten path, you may need to call in an off road recovery service to tow your vehicle to civilization for repairs. Many towing services have off road recovery trucks that can get out in the wilderness to tow your 4 X 4. These tow trucks can also help someone who has slid off a main road when it’s wet or iced over or following an accident, or a commercial vehicle stranded at a work site.

If you’re planning to go off roading anytime soon, make sure your phone’s contact list has a number for towing service that provides off road recovery in Festus, MO. When you need a reliable towing and recovery service for off roading or on main roads, the team to reach out to are the ones at Pippin Towing & Recovery. We offer a full range of recovery and roadside assistance services. To get help fast, just call __PHONE__.

What should I bring off roading?

While off roading can be a wild, fun ride, if your vehicle breaks down or goes of the main path, you need to be prepared to recover the vehicle or even make temporary repairs until an off road recovery vehicle can arrive to help you. Several companies make kits to recover your vehicle. At minimum your off road recovery kit should include:

  • A recovery or snatch strap
  • A snatch block
  • Bow shackles

Other essentials you might want include:

  • A tool kit
  • Durable work or recovery gloves
  • A storage bag
  • A jack
  • A jump starter
  • Extraction tools or boards to give your vehicle traction when stuck
  • A folding shovel
  • A headlamp
  • Tire repair kit

What is a recovery strap used for?

Whether you’re out in the wilderness or on the main roads, if your vehicle slides in a ditch, an essential piece of equipment you’ll want to have is a recovery strap for off road recovery. This is a strap made of industrial grade webbing that is hooked to a stranded vehicle and a tow vehicle to pull the vehicle out of a ditch or unstuck from mud or other obstacles.

Off road recovery what to do

Whether you’re stuck in the mud, caught in a ditch, or have a flat tire, when it comes to off road recovery, you have to be prepared. First and foremost, you want to have equipment like a recovery strap, shovels, tools, etc., to do any recovery work. You also want to know your limits. If your vehicle has rolled and you are unsure of the right way to turn it over, you should wait for professional help. Otherwise, disaster could strike. Many recovery efforts involve putting you against a heavy machine. You need to know your vehicle’s gross weight as well as yours so you can operate winches and straps without injury to yourself or damage to your vehicle. Make sure you have basic skills down like flat tire repair before you attempt any mechanical repairs. Also, make sure you have a reputable towing service like Pippin Towing & Recovery on your contact list to get you out safely.

What is improper off road recovery

If you’re in a situation anytime you are driving off road, whether for fun or business, where there’s a mechanical failure or you’ve come across an obstacle of any sort that you can’t pass, never try off road recovery if you are unsure of yourself or what to do. You could make the situation worse, which could lead to serious injury or damage to your vehicle. Even getting stuck in mud can cause serious problems. Without equipment like traction boards, or equipment improperly used, it’s very likely the vehicle will sink further into the mud. This only makes it harder to get out. Make sure you know the proper techniques to recover the vehicle or wait for professionals to arrive.

How much does off road recovery cost?

Costs will vary for off road recovery. Most towing services that offer the service will normally charge a per-mile rate for coming out, as well as rates for winching. The winching rates could be charged by the hour, foot or sets. If a tow is involved, the off-road rates may be higher than standard rates. If you’ve driven along spaces like hiking trails not designed for vehicles, the costs to get you out of a tight spot could skyrocket to several thousand dollars, depending on the work involved. On average, though, a typical recovery like sliding off a nearby wet forest road will cost about $300 to $500.

Will AAA tow off road?

AAA has various membership levels when it comes to towing vehicles, and it will depend on the coverage level as well as the road type for off road coverage. In some instances, AAA will only make tows on maintained dirt roads, but not on irregular off road property. Other insurance groups may cover off road towing. Check with your insurer to see what is covered when it comes to towing.

A Winch on an Off-Road Vehicle.

Off road recovery near me

If you are stranded off road and need reliable and affordable off road recovery in Festus, MO, count on the professionals at Pippin Towing & Recovery. We have the right equipment, skills, and experience to get you and your vehicle safely recovered, and if necessary, towed for repairs. Find out more about our services or call us when you need help at __PHONE__.