What is heavy duty towing?

heavy duty towing

What is Considered a Heavy Duty Tow?

Heavy duty towing is the use of the largest tow trucks a towing company like Pippin Towing & Recovery has to move heavy equipment and vehicles. While some states differ when it comes to normal towing, federal law dictates that a person needs to have proper licensing before being able to commit to heavy duty towing. When driving more than a short distance, the driver will need CDL (commercial driver’s license) before getting behind the wheel. When hooking up the charge to a heavy duty tow truck, the job tends to take more than one person, being considered unsafe to do alone. The reason is that such vehicles this specific type of tow truck can carry include:

  • Garbage trucks
  • Semi trucks
  • Trailers
  • Big rigs
  • Bobtails

Being in an extreme category, these vehicles require special attention when the service of heavy duty towing is applied. While a professional must be careful when driving normal tow trucks, the level of care is far more when applied to heavy duty towing. This is because like all vehicles that carry a significant load, movements are more pronounced and it is imperative that more time is applied for stopping. So instead of getting your CDL, which requires multiple tests and a hefty amount of paperwork, why not trust the professionals at Pippin Towing & Recovery in Festus, MO. We offer several towing services, which include heavy duty towing for equipment and vehicles. Call __PHONE__ today to schedule your appointment for heavy duty towing.

What are the different types of tow trucks?

When it comes to tow trucks, there are different types designated by the different weights they can carry. As you’ve probably seen, most tow trucks are not exactly built for heavy-duty towing, but instead for cars one would generally find in an urban setting. The heavy-duty trucks are sent out for the mentioned list above, generally to remove equipment and transport it somewhere else or to recover a big rig or larger vehicle stuck on the road. Here are the different weight classes for tow trucks:

  • Light-duty tow truck
  • Medium-duty tow truck
  • Heavy-duty tow truck

Normally, most people will see the light-duty tow truck, which carries passenger vehicle trailers, and motorcycles. They have a limited carrying capacity compared to the other two and is far better at making turns as well as maneuvering. Medium duty works for farming equipment, automatic trailers, low-profile trailers, and the general like. The heavy-duty two truck has been mentioned above, but for all of their pulling strength, they have little capability in maneuverability. The light and medium duty tow trucks can be found in urban areas whereas the heavy tow trucks are not as common due to being too bulky. There are also different kinds of tow trucks in the two systems they use which are:

  • Wheel lift
  • Hook and Chain
  • Flatbed

While the wheel lift moves the towed vehicle by the front or back tires, used for smaller vehicles. Flatbeds, which can have hook and chains, move vehicles by securing it to a large surface on the back of a truck. These three come with harnesses and systems that keep the towed vehicles secured during transport.

What is the Difference Between a Wrecker and a tow Bruck?

Other than professionally, a wrecker and a tow truck driver are technically two different occupations. While a person can be both, a tow truck driver typically does not commit to repairs and the wrecker does. Both tow vehicles, but the wrecker is the only one that is known to fix the vehicle outright on the spot or bring it somewhere to fix. Both professions use tow trucks and are required to have licensing to do their jobs. Tow truck drivers specifically move vehicles that are illegally parked, either by request of law enforcement or property owners whereas a wrecker is not known to do that.

For clarification, the United States Department of Transportation requires a CDL when someone is driving a vehicle that is carrying weight amounting to over 26,000 pounds or 11793 kilograms.

heavy duty towing

Why is towing so expensive?

Towing prices tend to be built up through three factors:

  • Labor
  • Fuel
  • Insurance costs

While some companies may allow you to negotiate the cost, it is common for there to be a set price with most. The labor that is included with towing tends to be built through training and experience plus licensing. A normal person is not necessarily able to commit to tow even with the equipment for safety and legal reasons. Depending on the time of year, a tow will be more or less expensive depending on how high the gas price is. Tow companies are required to have more liability insurance due to the line of work. However, when it comes to being moved for parking illegally, the cost of the tow does factor into the ticket. However, in the case of heavy-duty towing, it is common for the need to be because of a vehicle is stranded and cannot be moved by any traditional means. When you need towing services by Pippin Towing & Recovery in Festus, MO call __PHONE__ to schedule your appointment today.