How long does it take to unlock a car?

Car door locked trying handle

Unlocking your vehicle

Have you ever had that frustrating and sinking feeling of realizing you’ve locked yourself out of your car? Maybe you were running late and as you were grabbing your briefcase, purse, and other things, they fell out your hands on the seat.  Just as you shut the door, you see them.  As you moan (or scream loudly), realizing you can’t unlock car without those keys, what is going through your head? 

There are few people that can say that has never happened to them. They’ve at least been with somebody that has happened to. What do you do next when you can’t unlock car door? You need to unlock car, company that does this type of thing, like a locksmith or an auto club? 

You’ve heard people talk about getting into their car when it’s locked without the keys. Maybe somebody left and took their keys with them, or locked them in the car, or simply can’t find them. There are a dozen reasons that somebody can’t unlock car of theirs, and there are just as many ways to get into a car without unlock car. 

How do you unlock a car door with a shoelace?

Or can you? This little-known trick won’t work on every vehicle and is most likely going to work on an older car before a newer one, but it worth trying to unlock car that belongs to you. Take a shoelace and create a slip knot, insert the slip knot end of the lace into the top right corner of the vehicle door. Wiggle it down the window on the inside of the door and place the slip knot over the door lock knob. Now pull the other end of the shoelace, tightening the knot and pull up the knob and unlock car. 

The reason this doesn’t work on newer vehicles is because they have power locks, meaning they are unlocked by pushing a button inside the car, or on the remote. There is nothing sticking up like a lock hand that is common in older cars. Unfortunately, you can’t unlock car with remote if the remote is locked in the car! So … 

How do you unlock your car with keys inside?

One of life’s most frustrating things is being locked of your car. What can be more frustrating is you can see the keys inside your car, especially if you’re in a hurry! What should you do? If you have membership, all the auto club. If you can afford it, call a professional locksmith. If those aren’t an option, perhaps you can unlock car using one of these methods, if the above shoelace trick didn’t work: 

  • A Long Rod: Using a long rod, pry the top of the car door open and place a wooden wedge in that opened area. Now pumping air into that opened part of the door, as it opens further, slide the long rod into that gap until it reached the locking mechanism and unlock car. 
  • A Plastic Strip: If the locking mechanism of your car is at the top of the door, using a long strip of plastic folded in half, slide into the pried open door. When it gets to the lock, loop the plastic around the lock knob, squeeze to so that grabs a hold of it and pull upward.  
  • A Coat Hanger: The tool that is designed specifically to unlock car without a key or remote is a ‘slim jim’. When you don’t have one, a common method used to unlock car doors is a wire coat hanger. A wire coat hanger is a makeshift version of a slim jim and has a good success rate of unlock car doors with manual locks. Straighten the wire coat hanger out with a pair of pliers until one end of it is straight, leaving the one hook end intact.  Sliding the hook end of the hanger in between the top of the car window and either the top of the window or at the weather stripping, get the hook so that is approximately two inches below where the car door meets the window. This should have your hook end hanger near the interior door handle where the control arm is located. Now, while rotating the hanger, get the hook facing the inside and begin to “fish” for the control arm. Once you’ve got to that arm, pull it up and unlock car door. 
  • Car Antenna: This works for older cars that have the lock/unlock button on the arm of the door, your car antenna could be your “key” to unlocking the door. Sticking the antenna down between the window top and door frame, aim for the lock button. Once you get there, push the unlock with the antenna. 
  • Windshield Wiper: Remove one of the wipers from your car and wedge open the door. Now push the wiper into the inside of the car and try to grab the keys with it (this will work if the keys are in the seat), bringing the keys to the top of the window where you can get them. Or use it to push the lock button the door arm or door panel to unlock car doors. 

Do police charge to unlock your car? 

Only if there is a child locked inside the car. Contrary to what many people believe, law enforcement do not have slim jim or other proper tools to unlock car doors. If a child is locked inside the car, when they arrive, they typically break the window so they can reach inside and unlock car door. 

How long does it take to unlock a car? 

For a professional locksmith that is fully equipped with the tools, they can unlock car doors within five minutes or less. A car with a complexed lock system and security could take longer. 

got keys out of locked car

Can someone break into a locked car? 

If you think about it, a thief can break into a locked car using any of the methods we’ve described here. They can also use a brick or rock to break a window.  The technically savvy car thief will use any of the following to unlock car doors and ignition: 

  • Signal relayed: A thief will use the simple technology of seizing the unique signal emitted from your car keys using a wireless transmitter to the front door or window. This makes your car think there is a key close by and automatically unlock car door. 
  • Signal jammed: Jamming the signal is another technique by thieves that will stop the owner of a car from locking their car by using a device similar to the one mentioned above.   
  • Program the Key: Once a thief has gained access inside your car, they have to get it started, but without the key, they can’t. The tech savvy criminal can access the software of your car’s computer by plugging in a small device into a port in the footwell and program a blank key fob. 

So, we have told you ways to unlock car doors when you’ve locked your keys inside, but will car unlock if the battery is dead?  This pertains to cars with a remote key fob, a great thing these days, until they don’t work. So, what can you do if the FOB is dead?  Replacing the batteries is the first step. 

Most car manufacturers today have a service to unlock car door by remote if you have set up the pin for that access.  If not, some manufacturers have roadside assistance for their customers. 

If that isn’t an option, hold the dead fob at the door handle and pull. There may be just enough power left in the FOB battery to unlock car door at that proximity. Some car manufacturers have a mechanical key built into the FOB too. Call __PHONE__ today for all of your car unlock needs in Festus, MO.