Tips For Going Off-Roading

off-roading vehicleSo, you’ve just gotten a new 4 wheel drive SUV. You probably can’t wait to take it off-roading. However, before you do, you should educate yourself how to do it correctly. To that end, we have put together a few tips for going off-roading.


Know your limits:

Even the experts who empty their pockets modifying their vehicles sometimes have them break down. Rocks and tresses can definitely bend steel. Make sure you keep your vehicle maintained, and know your minimum ground clearance.

Wheel position:

Knowing your wheel position proves extremely important. You can easily forget where they point after an over correction (something you should avoid anyways). Try to steer in tiny increments. Also, keep your thumbs on the outside of the wheel; sudden kickback has broken many people’s fingers.

Don’t peel out:

People new to off-roading may feel disappointed by how slowly it goes. If you get stuck, don’t peel out. Most likely, you will dig yourself in deeper. Again, move in tiny increments.

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