New Car Facts

Sometimes we take our cars for granted, at least until they break down. So much goes into them that a ton of interesting facts exist out there that we overlook. We’ve listed a few of them here for you:

yellow car



Fact #1:

Did you know that your fuel gauge shows you which side of your car the gas tank sits? This applies only to newer cars; they have a “secret triangle” that points to your gas tank.

Fact #2:

A computer helps run your engine. It handles aspects of fuel intake by taking in signals from your catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, etc.

Fact #3:

The amount of gas it takes to start your vehicle only comes out to about a half oz; that would fill up half a shot glass.

Fact #4:

Driverless cars will require their own licenses; Nevada has already authorized them, and issued the first vehicle’s driver’s license.


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