When to Get New Tires for Your Vehicle

New tires make you feel powerful, don’t they? But tires can be expensive! Knowing when to get new tires can be difficult, but here are some tips that will help you decide if it’s time to buy.

The Tire Tread Trick

You may have already heard of this one, but this trick is a valuable tool. Take a penny; insert the penny into your tire’s tread. Abraham Lincoln’s should start to disappear into your tire. If all of Lincoln’s head is still visible, it is time to change your tires.¬†

The Bar Examination

No, not the law exam. Some newer models of tires have already installed a way to tell when your tread has worn out. Take a look at your tread; if your tire has this feature, you should see thin bars arranged perpendicularly from your tire tread. These appear when your tread has become worn.

Old Tires on a Car

Look for Worn Treading to Know When to Get New Tires.

Chinks, Blisters, and Lumps

Some signs of wear and tear are more obvious than others. Your tires may start to blister as they age, but keep a look out for excessive damage. If you find any chinks or lumps on your tires, it could be an indication that your tire is almost ready to blow out. Make sure you get your tire replaced as soon as possible if you spot these.

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