Tesla Gigafactory Location Announcement

Tesla Leads the Way

Tesla is a leading name in vehicle innovation. Known for their out of the box thinking, they are well on their way to changing the consumer market for alternative fueled cars. And now Tesla has made an announcement that further changes the playing field. They will be building their new “Gigafactory” near Reno, Nevada.

This is the design plan for the future Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada

This is the design plan for the future Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada

This Gigafactory will be used to build automotive-grade lithium-ion batteries. This plan is going to be constructing these batteries on such a huge scale that they will be lowering the cost of the batteries drastically. This factory is expected to bring nearly $100 billion in economic impact to its new Nevada location.

The plant will be constructed in the shape of a diamond. And it will produce its own energy which Tesla hopes will demonstrate to the local community a sustainable business model.

The Bidding War

Landing this factory was no easy feat. Many states battled to offer Tesla tax incentives to build in their location. Because it will bring such a boost to the economy, the states in contention pressed hard to win the bid. California, Texas and Arizona were all large contenders in this bidding war.

To read more about Tesla’s new Gigafactory and the impact it will have on the consumer market, check out Tesla’s explanation of the project here: Tesla Gigafactory Details.