Prevent Your Car From Being Broken Into

Ways to Prevent Car Thefts

Car break ins and item thefts have a huge crime rate. Nationwide Insurance has reported that on average there is over one billion dollars of items lost each year from car thefts.  Here are some tips and advice that will help limit your chance of your vehicle getting broke into.

Always Lock your Doors

Locking your door is the most obvious and the first step in preventing a car break in. A quarter of all break ins that happen are because people leave their doors unlocked. Never leave your doors unlocked, even if you’re only going to be away from your car for a short time.

Never Leave Anything Valuable Out

This second tip is another obvious precaution, yet people still leave their valuables in plain sight in their vehicles. Leaving your valuable out in the open presents a prime opportunity for a break in. Hide your valuables where they can’t be seen to reduce your chance of a theft.

Park in Well Lit Areas

Parking in well lit areas is another precaution you can take to reduce your chances of a break in. If your vehicle can been well seen from all directions, there is less of a chance that someone tries to break into it. Never park in a secluded area and try not to park between vehicles that are bigger than yours, this will also reduce your chances of a theft.