The Importance of Warming Up Your Vehicle

warming up your vehicleWe’ve all been there before. Getting ready to start our day just to realize that we’re running late. So what do we do? We hop in the car, crank it up, and immediately speed off. Now you could probably get away with something like this during the warmer months, but now that we’re in the midst of the winter and those temperatures stay quite low, it’s vital that your take the time in warming up your vehicle. Why you ask? The pros at Pippin Towing are here to tell you some of the most important reasons why you should!

  • Begins the circulation: Your oil is vital in the proper operation of your vehicle and helps to reduce the rubbing of metal on metal. If your vehicle has been standing in one spot for a while, maybe overnight, the oil has a tendency of settling at the bottom of the pan. It can take possibly 30 seconds to get it flowing properly again. Warming up your vehicle gives the oil a chance to lube up your engine before you pull off.
  • Thermal expansion: When metal becomes warm, it begins to expand. This is the reason why, when designing vehicles, engineers have to have the correct spacing that will allow for size changes. If you pull off without warming up, your vehicle is still cold. And if it’s still cold there can be components in your engine that are potentially the wrong size which can cause some major and unnecessary wear and tear.
  • Your tires: Most may not think about this component needs to be warmed up, but it’s true. Tires that are cold and hard have less traction and driving on tires with lowered grip can be very dangerous.

If you have any other questions about why warming up your vehicle in Festus, MO is so important, especially during the colder months, contact Pippin Towing at (636) 937-0797.