Give Your Car Some Love

How much love do you show your car? After all, it’s always there for you when you need to go from point A to point B. To get the most out of your vehicle, make sure you are giving it the TLC that it needs by keeping up with routine maintenance. Not only will this keep your car running optimally, but your car will run more efficiently as well. Regular maintenance should include:

Annual Tune Up: Having a tune-up performed once a year will ensure that your car is getting the best possible fuel economy, is performing optimally, and will help keep your emission levels within an acceptable range.

Oil Changes: To keep your engine clean, change both your oil and your oil filter regularly. Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see how frequently your oil should be changed.

Check Your Tire Pressure: It is important to keep your tires properly inflated to prevent premature wear and flat tires, so check your tire pressure at least once a month.

Check Your Wheel Alignment: After a while, your steering and suspension will get knocked out of alignment from driving over potholes and bumpy roads so it is important to have your wheel alignment checked about once a year. Proper wheel alignment will help improve fuel efficiency, handling, and decrease the wear on your tires.

Not taking proper care of your car and neglecting regular maintenance can leave you broken down on the side of the road. If this happens, call Pippin Towing & Recovery in Festus for a tow.