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How To Avoid A Blowout

While most tire blowouts happen in the summer months, they can happen at any time of the year. If you’ve ever experienced a blowout, you know the danger and damage it can cause. Follow these tips on how to avoid a blowout and stay safe!

Check Your Tire Pressure

how to avoid a blowoutLow tire pressure is the most common cause of blowouts. When the tire is not properly inflated, it must work harder leading to overheating. Combine this with scorching pavement and high speeds on the highway and you get a steady stream of blowouts through the summer. It doesn’t have to be hot outside for a tire to blow out, though.

It’s important to check your tire pressure regularly to avoid blowouts and other tire problems. Many manufacturers and mechanics suggest checking tire pressure once a month. Keep a tire pressure gauge in your glovebox for convenience. Not sure what the proper tire pressure for your vehicle is? Check your owner’s manual first, or the tire placard, usually found on the edge of the vehicle door, glove box door, or fuel door.

Repair Tire Damage Right Away

Many people get a blowout when they least expect it. These are often caused by a slow leak or tire damage from weeks or months ago. If you’ve recently driven through a rough pothole, ran up on the curb, or driven over a particularly rough road, check your tires. If you notice any signs of wear, cracking, or bulging, take your car into a mechanic. Don’t ignore tire problems or you could end up in a bad situation!

Don’t Overload Your Vehicle

If you are hauling a load—a trailer, a car full of teenagers, or a bed full of moving boxes—make sure you aren’t overloading your vehicle. Check your Gross Vehicular Weight Rating (found in the same place as your recommended tire pressure). If you’re near the max, consider inflating your tires to the maximum pressure (found on the tire sidewall).

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