Who do I call to pick up a junk car?

damanged and worn car

Getting rid of a junk car

There it sits, your non-running, totaled car that hasn’t been driven in years. The city has told you it is time to move it or they start fining you for every day it sits there, uninsured, and unregistered. You can’t find the title, so you can’t sell it, so what can you do with this junk car? Removal service maybe? Those companies that buy running or not a  junk car removal service that would haul it away. 

Your first question may be, “Can I junk a car that’s not in my name?” The short answer is, it depends. There are states where cars can be sold to junk car removal services without the title, so yes, it is possible. However, Missouri is not one of those states. While that wasn’t the answer you wanted to hear, but it is the law. So, what to do if you want to scrap your car? Is there a way to get junk car removal service done without having the car title in your name? 

In Missouri, and most other states, the opportunity that allows a junk car removal service to accept an abandoned vehicle or a vehicle without a title just isn’t possible. There are legal considerations for junk car towing companies, including buying and towing away a car without a bill of sale and proof of ownership.  The ‘junk yard’ business isn’t as simple as it may seem on the other side of those walls, and the first law not to be broken is to only deal with a junk car with title! 

If the title was ever in your name, there should be registration records with the state of Missouri. You will have to get a copy of that registration and with that, you can prove the car is yours to have junk car removal done. If registration can’t be found or proven, you can file for a duplicate or missing title with the state of Missouri. 

Is it better to scrap a car or donate it?

So, you need to do something with that old clunker in the driveway, is it better to handle it as a junk car or donate to an organization? Getting rid of a junk car, removal is the biggest challenge. If you have the title, in the state a Missouri, there are junk car removal services, aka, towing service, but that will usually cost you.  

No, they don’t do junk car removal for free, this is a business for them. Some will pay you for it if you do your own junk car removal and bring it to them. Otherwise, if they come to your house, you will be required to pay them for the service. 

Another option you have is to donate that clunker car to a charity. There are several in all states, and Missouri has several that junk car removal is a vital fund raiser for them. Like, Make A Wish or Vehicles For Veterans that have agreements in place with junk car removal services. These organizations are the only ones that benefit from this junk car removal service, there are several benefits for individuals that donate the cars and trucks too. 

  • Free Towing: If you call a junk car removal service, you’ll be required to pay for the towing of the vehicle, even if they are buying the car from you . However, when you donate a vehicle to a charity, these junk car removal services will pick up the vehicle for no charge and junk car removal service to haul it away for free. Why? Because they are getting a tax credit and you will too! 
  • Tax Deduction: Donations of junk car, removal for free isn’t all you’ll get from getting that old clunker out of your way. When you sign over the title to a charitable organization, they will put it up for auction. Once that vehicle has sold at auction or sent to recycle, you will get a receipt for a tax deductible donation.  Another option for your tax purpose may be to get a professional junk car estimate to use as a tax documentation for write off. 
  • Any Vehicle: What if this is a rusted and non-running junk car, removal by a charity is still a possibility? Yes, these organizations have arrangements with other services to buy non-running, rusted out vehicles as long as there are legal titles or proven legitimate ownership available. This includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, off-road and watercraft items, even boats and trailers.
  • The Space: Not only will you be getting rid of an eyesore but think of the space you’ll have in your driveway or garage with junk car removal?! A car or any type of vehicle as we listed above begin to take up viable space when they aren’t running and useable anymore. By donating them to a charity, you’re helping an organization and getting space back in your driveway or garage too. 
junk car with rust on body

When should I get rid of my old car?

Even a car that doesn’t run can still have some value. When your car has quit running though, how do you know to have the mechanic do their magic and getting it running again? Or is it time to all time of departure and sell it, but who is going to buy it? Or you could consider donating it? The question is when do you make these decisions? 

  1. Excessive Rusted Body
  2. Expensive and Extensive Repairs
  3. Non-Existing Safety Features
  4. Deteriorated
  5. No Need for The Vehicle 

Now you know when to get rid of an old clunker and how to get junk car removal service, your last question is probably, “What should I remove from my car before I scrap it?” A few items that we recommend are :

  • Remove all your personal items and property
  • Sign the title over
  • Remove the license plates
  • Remove the vehicle from your insurance policy

Do not leave anything of personal nature or with personal information in the vehicle. You know who you’ve donated or sold the vehicle to, but you don’t know where it is going from there. This includes any garage door openers or keys as well as anything with your name and address – remove these things first! Call (636) 937-0797 today for junk car removal in Festus, MO.