How Much Does Towing a Motorcycle Cost?

Motorcycle Towing is a Premium Service

How Much Does Towing a Motorcycle Cost?

Most tow truck companies charge a minimum base fee of approximately fifty dollars for local towing. Local towing is defined as towing a vehicle five or ten miles. For long-distance towing, there is usually a $75 hook-up fee and a fee of $2 to $4 per mile. The price for towing a vehicle will change depending on whether the vehicle is a car, a heavy-duty vehicle, or a motorcycle. For a more accurate estimate concerning your motorcycle tow charge, please consult your local towing company.

Can AAA Tow a Motorcycle?

This is an excellent question. AAA offers motorcycle towing services for premier members. Thus, if you do have a AAA membership, it will be important to request an upgrade. Another factor to consider is that a AAA premier membership usually runs approximately $199 per year. Once you have the membership in place, and if you have a motorcycle, you can call AAA to get towing if you do have an accident. AAA will call towing companies in the area, and get them routed to your location. This process can take a little longer if you have a motorcycle because not all towing companies have a driver who knows how to load and tie down a motorcycle on a flatbed.

Can You Tow a Motorcycle?

Motorcycle towing is not an easy task. There are three usual methods that are used to tow motorcycles. Each of these methods is effective and secure, provided that you use the preferred procedures and equipment. The three methods are flatbed towing, two-wheel towing, and cradles used for towing. Flatbed towing is the most popular route, particularly in instances where the motorcycle isn’t fit for operation. During such procedures, the flatbed of the truck bed is unrestricted, supported by a secure frame. Special locks, ropes, and straps are used to prevent the motorcycle from tipping over. These tow trucks can be easy to find since they are in abundance. These can be rented from a licensed truck rental company.

How Much Can A Towing Company Legally Charge?

The maximum cost for a towing company is approximately $300. The average range for towing services vacillates between seventy-five to one-hundred and twenty-five dollars. The national average cost for a tow is ninety-five dollars, and the minimum cost is about $50. Just like keeping on top of your motorcycle is important, so is keeping an eye on your roof. Your local, friendly residential roofer will be able to ascertain if your roof has any damages. 

How Far Does Roadside Assistance Tow?

Roadside assistance coverage, a provision of auto insurance, provides vital help to drivers when their vehicle breaks down. On every insurance policy, it is an option. In usual circumstances, the car insurance company will partner with businesses in the area that provide roadside assistance. Insurance companies can also employ a team that is available on their client’s behalf. Depending on the provisions of the insurance contract, roadside assistance will be offered up to a limited amount of miles. Any miles that are not covered in the insurance will need to be paid by the client.

What Are Motorcycle Towing Trailers

Motorcycle utility trailers are uncovered single-axle, flatbed trailers. Specially designed, these trailers can be towed by a motorcycle and are far smaller than standard open trailers which have to be pulled by a four-wheel vehicle such as a truck.

How to Flatbed Motorcycle Towing

While motorcycle towing isn’t complicated, it does require the proper tools, materials, and finesse. Safely moving any heavy piece of machinery can be difficult, which is why it is a job best left to experts. Everything must be secure in order to prevent damages. Integral to such a task is the purchase of appropriate nylon tow straps. The straps will need to be attached to the front and rear suspension forks. Other firm parts of the car’s frame will be an acceptable alternative. However, the straps must not be connected across the seat or the bodywork of the car. A motorcycle rail, wheel cradle or wheel chock can also help lock the cycle in place.

How To Motorcycle Towing

If you would like to learn how you can tow a motorcycle, please consult the following bullet points. 

  • Ride the front wheel forward into the trailer and the wheel chock.
  • Secure the motorcycle with ratchet straps. 
  • Check your owner’s manual for recommended ratchet points.
  • Tighten the ratchet straps evenly.
  • Ensure that the motorcycle is secure and that all four ratchet straps are adjusted and tightened evenly.
Motorcycle Towing Can Help You Get to Your Next Destination

Towing Motorcycle Without Trailer

It is possible to tow your motorcycle without a trailer. Motorcycle towing cradles can be attached to the hitch of a truck (or similar vehicle). These cradles allow safe passage for motorcycles across roads.

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