How long do tire changes take?

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Is it OK to replace two tires at a time?

We know that in order for a vehicle to operate, it requires an engine, a transmission, and other components found under the hood or under the vehicle. There is one other thing it needs to help get down the road, or rather four other things, like tires. Because the tires take a lot of abuse, constant contact with the roads, they need maintenance too. This means keeping them aired and getting routine tire changes.

 Most tire service centers will recommend getting all four tire changes at the same time. However, they understand that there are times that the budget doesn’t have room, so, getting two tires one pay day and two the next pay day may be necessary. 

In the case of only getting two tire changes, it is recommended to have the new two tire changed place on the back axle. This will provide traction and increase the level of safety for your vehicle. 

With two rear tire changes, it your vehicle will have less chance of hydroplaning. With the two front tires remaining unchanged, there is a chance of them hydroplaning, but the vehicle will remain traveling straight, allowing you to keep control of the vehicle. The two rear tire changed to new tires will keep the rear of the vehicle stabilized. 

Is it OK to have mismatched tires?

Even though a vehicle can be operated with mismatched tire changes, but it isn’t recommended for several reasons: 

  • Tires do not wear at the same rate, even if all four of the tires are the same. 
  • Tire rotation can help minimize or slow down the wear to extend timeline for the next tire change.
  • With multiple brands, styles, types of tire on a  vehicle will not have the same results with an alignment or tire rotation.
  • Mismatched tires on a vehicle will have inflation issues.

A bigger problem will occur if you try to sell the vehicle with four tires mismatching. As a buyer, having multiple brands and styles of tires indicates that perhaps the owner doesn’t take care of the vehicle. As they say, always put your best foot forward, and the same is said when trying to sell a car. It is important to have all 4  tire changes match.       

Do you need an alignment after replacing tires?

Where you buy your tires and have the tire change service performed is likely to be a place that offers tire services and more. Among those services is wheel alignment, which the service technician will recommend be performed with your new tire change. 

 A wheel alignment with new tire changes isn’t necessary, but by having it done, you’re getting the most of your new tires. This will make sure that all four of your new tires are angled correctly to get the best traction possible. 

Having a wheel alignment with any issue with your tires, like a flat tire, or because a hard impact from hitting a bump or ditch is always recommended. In addition to new tire changes and tire repairs, a wheel alignment should be done once a year. This is especially so with the conditions of the roads today. 

What happens if you don’t align your tires?

If you choose to skip the recommended wheel alignment after having new tire changed, the ride may not be as smooth as you expect. Additionally, not getting a wheel alignment with your new tire changes, your new tires will wear unevenly and need replacing sooner than they would others. Skipping the wheel alignment could also void the warranty on your new tire change! 

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How long can you drive on new tires without alignment?

Remember how your car drove and handled so perfectly when it was brand new? That is because the factory did a wheel alignment after install the tire changes. This made sure it was properly aligned the day you drove it off the dealer lot. 

Now, you’ve driven it several miles, and with each mile, the tires have worn and deteriorated a little bit, and so has the performance. Keeping the tire pressure evenly inflated every so often will help, but a wheel alignment will extend your tires lifespan. 

The frequency of your wheel alignment should be based on the mileage, not the time frame. Your driving style will also determine how frequent you should have a wheel alignment also. Your mechanic or the establishment that offers  tire services for a car can advise you best. 

At any time you feel your car isn’t handling and steering as well as it should, take it to any business offering tire services open closest to you.  Keeping your tires in good condition with proper inflammation and wheel alignment is important for the safety of your car and passengers. Call __PHONE__ today for tire service in Festus, MO.